Get Paid $1,000 To Go To A Different Gym Than Your Ex

Use your breakup for the ultimate gym fuel.

Valentine’s Day 2024 is around the corner, which means love is in the air—for some people, anyway. And if you’re fresh off the heels of a breakup, it might be time to hit the gym to help push yourself through the healing process. There honestly isn’t any better coping strategy than lifting heavy objects over and over again, in my opinion.

But are you worried you’re going to run into your ex at the gym? Or even worse, did you meet them at the gym and now see them all the freaking time? It’s the absolute worst, right? Then you’re going to want to take note.

Health food company RXBAR is ready to give your brain a break from the anxiety about potentially seeing them in your sacred space. How? By paying the two of you a hefty sum of money to stay the heck away from each other for awhile.

What You’ll Win From RXBAR

RXBAR partnered with a research company to do some digging and found out that a whopping 61% of people would completely change their gym routine (which includes going to a new gym altogether) in order to avoid seeing their ex.

The company responded to these statistics with what might be the realest statement ever: “That’s some serious B.S.”

To right this wrong, RXBAR pledged to give a whopping $1,000 to one lucky ex-couple to help them find new gyms to attend. Not a bad deal, if we’re being honest.

All packaged in the form of a very cute break-up box, you’ll each get plenty of snacks, gear, and resources to help you find different gyms to attend and give each other some much-needed space. Because your brain deserves a break from seeing garbage people during your sacred gym time.

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How To Enter The Contest

The eligibility for the contest is incredibly straightforward. You simply have to be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to enter. Also, you need to have broken up with someone during 2023. Certainly a less-fun stipulation, but a stipulation nonetheless. It’s time to reclaim your routine and get back in the gym, worry-free!

As someone who experienced this exact scenario first-hand last year, I’m tempted to enter the contest myself to get my ex TF out of my gym during my workouts. I mean, I was there first, so he can go somewhere else to workout, right? Right.

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Applications are due February 14