Get Paid $10K To Walk 10,000 Steps

Extra motivation to hit your steps. 👟

Finding the time (or willpower) to exercise isn’t always easy. But what if you could make $10,000 by hitting your daily step goal? One fitness company is ready to shell out if you make your steps.

Scroll to find out how you can earn serious cash by going for a walk!

What You’ll Do

GymBird is looking to hire a Chief Step Officer (CSO) to motivate people to start their fitness journey. If chosen, you’ll walk 10,000 steps every day for one month. This roughly equates to about five miles.

Steps can be logged in any manner: walking, running, hiking, etc. You will also be required to create a 2-minute video blog every week detailing how you got your steps, your feelings during exercise, and the challenges you faced.

What You’ll Win

The CSO will receive $10,000 for completing the assignment.

Aside from the cash, there are a lot of other benefits to getting your steps in. Studies show that higher step counts may lower the risk of premature death and higher cardiovascular health. Not to mention the fact that it boosts your mental health, as well.

If you’re ready to apply, click here to send in your application!

Applications are due July 19

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