The Best Headphones On The Market To Drown Out Noisy Roommates

Living with roommates is one of the fun parts of going to college, but also can be a massive pain when it comes to noise.

Due to online classes becoming the norm this year, you’re probably going to spending a lot more time than you planned in your room.

So, if you’re worried about having to put up with 24/7 noise from your roommates or coming from outside your dorm, we’ve put together a list of the best headphones on the market to help you to drown out the noise and focus on your work or on relaxing in peace.

1. Seattle Wireless, Urbanista – $99.99

The Seattle Wireless headphones come with Bluetooth and 12 hours of play before you’ll need to charge them, so if you’re attending in-person classes you can take them with you all day without having to worry about them running out of battery. They also come with touch control so you can swipe to change songs and answer incoming phone calls too.


2. Go Air True Wireless Headphones, JLab Audio – $29

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on sound quality, the Go Air True wireless headphones are small but powerful. The come with over 20 hours of play time before they’ll need to be plugged in to charge and a small sleek design so you can carry them with you anywhere you go.


3. Monitor II A.N.C, Marshall – $319.19

For high quality sound, these over-ear headphones from Marshall are come with advanced noise cancelling technology meaning you really won’t hear a thing other than your music when they’re on. They also have over 30 hours of playback time and come with a voice assistant so you can change your music effortlessly.


4. Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, 1More – $99.99

The Stylish True Wireless headphones come in 4 stylish colors so you can choose the one you think best matches your personality. They also come with super speedy charging times and the microphone has built in environmental noise cancellation, meaning that if you’re on the phone your voice will be crystal clear.


5. Studio Wireless On-Ear Headphones, JLab Audio – $30

These headphones from JLab Audio provide a sleek and stylish studio look, and 30 hours of battery life for music all day long. If you want a pair of on-ear headphones without having to spend too much cash, they’re a perfect high quality option for those on a budget.


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