How Much Do You Really Know About Data Privacy?

Think you’re a data expert? Take the quiz to find out!

Despite all the wonderful technology we have available at our fingertips, it’s never been more difficult to protect yourself when you’re online. Whether you’re using apps or browsing on your laptop, everyone is after your info. So, how do you keep your private stuff, well… private?

While this might sound overwhelming at first, Incogni can help you take control of your data—for good. Thanks to their services, after the initial data removal Incogni ensures your information stays secure so data brokers don’t reacquire it. Plus, thanks to their partnership with Student Beans, you can get 55% off their annual plan right now.

But why not test your online data savviness? See how much you really know about how your data is being used.

How Much Do You Really Know About Data Privacy?

Test your data privacy knowledge with this handy quiz, sponsored by Incogni!

What percentage of shopping apps request permissions?(Required)
What information can be accessed when an app requests permissions?(Required)
What percentage of Americans have experienced an online scam attempt?(Required)
How many Google Chrome extensions are high-risk or very high-risk?(Required)
True or false: the data broker industry is consolidating.(Required)
What percentage of data in the U.S. has been compromised?(Required)

So? How did you do? Chances are not as well as you thought. That’s why Incogni is ready to help you take back control of all your online data and information. Their experts are ready and waiting!

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This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Incogni.