You Could Be Owed Thousands Of Dollars By Facebook

One of the biggest social media companies probably owes you money.

If you happened to use Facebook between May 2007 and December 2022, you’re going to want to check this out.

A recent California court gave approval for a $725 million payout due to potential data leaks that occurred within the timeframe. The most notable scandal is the Cambridge Analytica breach that involved former U.S. President Donald Trump and the 2016 election.

So how can you claim your cash? Scroll to find out.

Am I Eligible?

The only requirements for eligibility are that you were a Facebook user sometime between May 2007 and December 2022. You’re also eligible if you are still an active Facebook user.

There are around 250 to 280 million people who are eligible for the payout, according to recently released court documents.

How Do I Get Paid?

To start your claim, click here. Simply fill out the form and submit it by August 25, 2023.

As far as the amount you’ll receive goes, there are a lot of factors that could affect it.

  • How many people submit claims
  • How long you were a Facebook user during this time period
  • How much money is left of the $725 million after fees and expenses are deducted

If you are eligible, you’ll likely receive your payment in the fall. The final court approval hearing is September 7, so it would be sometime after that.

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