Can A PS5 Play PS4 & PS3 Games?

Get all your PlayStation gaming done with the PS5.

While the PS5 is one of the best-selling and most popular consoles of all time, retro gaming is on the rise at the same time. Plenty of people are asking (and hoping) that their next-gen consoles can still play their tried and true classics from childhood. Does the PS5 have the ability to play older generation PlayStation games? And if so, how backwards compatible is the PS5?

We’re here to answer all your questions about the games you can play on the PS5. From every generation of PlayStation to PlayStation peripherals and accessories, we’re here to tell you what your PS5 can (and can’t) do when it comes to gaming.

Can A PS5 Play PS3 Games?

Much to the delight of PlayStation fans everywhere, the PS5 has maximum backwards compatibility. What does this mean for you? Your PS5 can easily play PlayStation 3 games. There are, however, a few things to note when it comes to playing PS3 games on the PS3.

One thing you’ll need is a PS Plus Premium account. This costs $17.99 per month, $49.99 for three months, or $119.99 for an entire year. Because of this, you can only play your PS3 games via the cloud and an internet connection. That means if you have physical copies of your PS3 games, you won’t be able to play them on the PS5. There are tons of games available, but unfortunately, a PS5 cannot physically play your old PS3 games.

Can A PS5 Play PS4 Games?

Almost every single one of the 4,000+ PlayStation 4 games are playable on the PS5. Certain PS4 games will even benefit from the PS5 console’s Game Boost. This feature will allow some PS4 games to run with a higher and/or smoother frame rate. Additionally, this includes the library of VR games for the PS4 — they are also available to play on the PS5.

Some functionalities available on the PS4, however, will not be available on the PS5. This means you may get certain error messages or unexpected behaviors when playing them on a PS5 console system. PlayStation recommends trying to play your PS4 game on the PS5 before you purchase any additional add ons, to ensure maximum gaming performance.

Is The PS5 Fully Backwards Compatible?

Yes and no.

The PS5 does have massive backwards compatibility in certain areas, and it can play both easily play PS4 and PS5 games. There are some exceptions to this rule when it comes to backwards compatibility with the PS5, which we’ll explain below.

As we stated above, the PS5 can play PS3 games via a PS Plus Premium membership, which you’ll have to pay for to access their library of PS3 games via the cloud. The PS5 can, however, play almost any PS4 games that were released. So as far as the previous two PlayStation generations of games, you’re set to keep on playing.

The PS5 is similarly backwards compatible with the PS2 as it is with the PS3. A solid selection of PS2 titles are available via the PS Plus Premium membership. The PS5 cannot read or play any physical PS2 discs and hardware, though.

With regards to the OG PlayStation, you’re limited to whatever titles are available on the PS Now service. Again, physical discs aren’t supported. If you’re looking to get some classic gaming in with titles you have physical copies of, the PS5 isn’t going to be your best option.

Can I Use PlayStation 3 Accessories on PlayStation 5?

The short answer is no.

If you’re thinking in terms of controllers, the PS5 does not support any of the PS3 controllers, even if you’re playing a PS3 games. This also includes any PS3-based Blu-ray remotes.

The one exception to this rule is if you used a wired headset with your PS3. If that’s the case, your PS3 headset will still work on your PS5.

Best Remastered PlayStation Games For PS4 And PS5

Plenty of PlayStation titles from previous generations are available to play on the PS5. Better still, a majority of them have been remastered with new graphics for optimum performance. Here are our picks for the best remastered PlayStation games available for the PS5.

  • Dark Souls Remastered
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut
  • The Last of Us Two Remastered
  • Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Can You Still Get After-Sales Support For The PS3?

Unfortunately, you cannot get after-sales support for the PS3 anymore. In short, this means the PS3 is, effectively, dead and obsolete.

Sony stated the following with regards to killing their third-generation PlayStation console:

“Due to the depletion of parts inventory, we will no longer be able to provide after-sales service for the PlayStation 3 CECH-4300 series main unit and all PlayStation 3 peripherals on April 30, 2022.”

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