Students Can Get Free & Cheap Laptops With These Hacks

Education shouldn’t break the bank.

It’s no secret that in order to do your best as a student, you’re going to need to have access to certain technology. Unfortunately, a lot of those items come with a hefty price tag. Many students simply cannot afford to fund their education.

Thankfully, there are so many resources out there for discounted and even free laptops for students. We’ve rounded up all the ways you can get your hands on everything you need in order to succeed. And don’t forget to check out Student Beans for all the latest deals on tech, too!

What Is A Free Laptop Program?

Much like it sounds, free laptop programs provide students access to computers at no cost. Various colleges and organizations fund programs like this to ensure academic success.

However, most programs have eligibility requirements, which usually means a minimum enrollment at a four-year university.

Which Colleges Give Free Laptops?

Surprisingly, a lot of colleges offer some kind of free laptop program. If you’re looking for specific schools, head over to their IT Department website. That’s where you’ll likely find out what the requirements for the program are.

Here are a few of the most popular schools that offer free laptops to their students:

  • Moravian University: issues MacBook Pros and iPads to students, along with Apple Care.
  • Full Sail University: Project Launchbox gives every student a laptop loaded with all the creative software they’ll need for their schoolwork.
  • Chatham University: first-year students get a free 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple Care and accessories.

Organizations That Give Out Free Laptops

If your school doesn’t offer a free laptop program, you still have options. Various nonprofits also help students obtain the tech they need for college.

  • The On It Foundation: provides students K-12 with free laptops, technology training, and internet access. Your parent or guardian must apply and show proof of financial need.
  • Computers With Causes: free computers are given to anyone, although they prioritize teachers, students, disabled veterans, military families, and those experiencing housing insecurity.

Scholarships & Grants For Free Laptops

If you’re a high school student or soon-to-be college student, there are grants and scholarships available to you, too.

  • Dell Scholars Program: provides high school grads with a $20,000 scholarship, a free laptop, and textbook credits through Chegg. The application opens in October. You need to maintain at least a 2.4 GPA and be Pell Grant eligible.
  • Laptops 4 Learning: equips students with computer access by helping them fundraise. Simply create an account on their website to get started.

Discounted Laptops

If none of the free laptop programs work for you, there are also ways you can get laptops at a discounted price. Check these places out to help save you some cash.

  • PCs For People: nonprofit that sells discounted computers that start as low as $145.
  • Dell Refurbished: opting for a refurbished laptop is a great way to save on costs, and Dell has plenty of options starting at $400.
  • Notebooks For Students: refurbished laptops available for students starting at $200, along with the option for a four-year warranty.
  • ConnectAll: provides affordable laptops to everyone, with prices ranging from $100-$1,000, depending on what you need.

Technology Discounts

Making sure you have the right software and tech is also important when it comes to your academic life. Here are some resources to help get you the discounted tech you need.

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