The Most Viral Christmas Gifts 2023—Are They Worth It?

Check out our reviews before you buy the most viral gifts of the year.

TikTok has quickly become the place to make your Christmas list. With hundreds of products going viral, it feels like there are more options than ever to fill out your wishlist. But do all of those trendy products live up to the hype?

We’ve done a TikTok deep dive on which products are actually worth your money, and which ones deserve a hard pass.

Stanley The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler — $45.00

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen someone carrying a massive Stanley Cup. They’re all over the place right now, with limited edition colors and special collaborations selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Not to mention that Stanley just released the 2.0 version with a splash-resistant lid, ergonomic handle, and new colors.

Verdict: Depends. If you want to be on-trend and stay hydrated, grab one. But there are similar, more affordable options available.

Dyson Airwrap — $600.00

The Dyson AirWrap has been trending on Christmas lists for years now and is continually selling out. There are tons of attachments to help you style your hair in every way imaginable, all while giving you a salon-level blowout every single time. And TikTok is here to help with hundreds of tutorials.

Verdict: You can easily find a similar dupe (like the Shark FlexStyle) without spending $600. Plus, you can save 20% on all Shark FlexStyle products with Student Beans.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag — starting at $38.00

All the girlies on TikTok can be seen sporting the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in a variety of colors and sizes. You can wear it as a crossbody across your chest or in true fanny pack style, and it has plenty of room to fit your phone, wallet, keys, and a few other essentials without feeling like it’s cramped.

Verdict: As someone who owns one and has carried it (and thrown it around) for years, I can say this bag lives up to the hype. Definitely worth it.

Starface Hydro-Stars — $15.00


ur so right Rosé… hydro-stars do make getting pimples more fun :’) love 2 c u + ur big yellow compact in @Vogue France 💛 #blackpink #starface #rosé

♬ original sound – STARFACE

While breakouts aren’t exactly glamorous, being prepared for when they inevitably happen is a must. The Hydro-Stars refillable compact is the perfect thing to have with you at all times. The little stars are designed to help absorb excess fluid, helping to reduce irritation and redness, all while shielding the blemish from bacteria.

Verdict: Totally worth it! They’re cute, they work, and they really do help amp up your skincare routine. And don’t forget to use your Student Beans discount to save 15% at Starface World.

Balkwan Sunset Lamp — $22.00

Overhead lighting is out. Ambient lighting is all the rage, and the more aesthetically pleasing it is, the better. Does your room need an update, or do you just want to change the overall vibe? Then the Balkwan Sunset Lamp is here to help. Perfect for creating a cozy space to just chill in.

Verdict: Absolutely worth it. The price point is super affordable, and it really does change the feel of your space with little effort.

Apple AirPods Max — starting at $529.00


honest review of the apple airpods max 🎧

♬ original sound – Liz 🐝

If you’re looking to elevate your AirPods, you might be considering snagging a pair of the ultra-viral AirPods Max. Able to seamlessly connect with all Apple products, these chic headphones have been seen on celebrities and influencers whether they’re just on the subway or going for a run. The AirPods Max have quickly become a statement piece more than anything.

Verdict: The average person doesn’t need $500+ headphones, but if you’re just dying to get a pair, the quality and design are top-notch.

Sony WH-1000XM5 — $328.00


We’re liking what we see in the mirror ✨ Thanks for unboxing our WH-1000XM5 Headphones@mr.jodigo! Want a chance to be featured? Tag us! #SonyCommunity #SonyHeadphones #XM5 #wh1000xm5 #headphones

♬ original sound – SonyElectronics – SonyElectronics

Not to be outdone, Sony launched their equivalent of the AirPods Max with the WH-1000XM5. The noise-cancellation is some of the best available while boasting 30 hours of battery life. While not as flashy and recognizable as the Apple version, the WH-1000XM5 easily rival the AirPods Max.

Verdict: We’ve already sung the praises of Sony before, and if you want something similar to the AirPods Max without spending $500, the WH-1000XM5 is a great alternative.

BAGGU Medium Nylon Crescent Bag — $52.00

While a belt bag like the Lululemon one we mentioned above is great, some days you’re going to be hauling a bit more stuff. The BAGGU Crescent Bag went viral initially due to just how much stuff you can cram into it. Easily adjustable and coming in tons of fun colors, there’s bound to be one to fit your style.

Verdict: Worth it. BAGGU bags can withstand a lot, hold a lot, and pair with a lot of outfits. You’ll get plenty of use out of it.

Birkenstock Boston Suede Clog — $158.00

If you’re a millennial like me, your first pair of Birkenstocks was probably the Boston Suede Clogs. So imagine my surprise when I saw the iconic clogs making a hard comeback in 2023 thanks to going completely viral on TikTok. They’re wildly comfortable and go with just about anything, but good luck trying to find a pair right now.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a good shoe to invest in that will last you for years, any Birkenstock is the way to go. But don’t feel like you have to get the Boston Clog.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite — starting at $125.00

If you’re a regular on #BookTok, you’ve no doubt seen the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. If you’ve been curious about venturing into the world of ebooks, the Kindle Paperwhite is going to be a solid option. It’s also waterproof, so if you’re a beach or bath reader, this is perfect for you.

Verdict: Worth it. This is the perfect ebook option for just about anyone. It will get the job done without costing very much.

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