Get Paid To Party: Land A Job Attending Music Festivals Across The US

$5K for partying at festivals? Sign us up. 🥳

Summer means festival season, which means plenty of opportunities for travel, music, and parties. But if your bank account is looking a little sad, trying to attend even one festival might seem like a huge ask. Thanks to Crewfare, you can get paid to enjoy festival season!

Find out how you and a friend can snag VIP passes to four different festivals this summer and fall. 👇

Festivals You’ll Attend

If you’re lucky enough to snag this dream job, you’ll attend festivals all summer long. Here’s where you’ll be headed and when:

  • High Tide Music & Arts Festival—Charleston, SC (June 3)
  • Governors Ball Music Festival—New York, NY (June 9-11)
  • Rolling Loud Miami—Miami, FL (July 21-23)
  • Sound on Sound Music Festival—Bridgeport, CT (September 30-October 1)

Aside from getting to attend all these cool festivals for free, you’ll also receive a salary of $5,000. Oh, and don’t forget all the snacks, merch, and music playlists included at each stop.

You’ll also be able to net any frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty program points you accumulate on the trip.

How To Apply

If you’re ready to be a “Festie” this season, grab your Festie Bestie and send in your application ASAP. Crewfare said they’re looking for people who are active on TikTok and interested in arts and culture.

Applications are due at the end of May 2023. Click here to send yours in!

If you need some festival fashion inspo, check out some of these iconic looks we’ve seen this season.