Get Paid $2,500 To Watch Netflix & Eat Snacks

Become a professional binge-watcher. 📺

Now that we’re getting into colder weather, there’s never been a better time to find a new series to binge-watch. And while we know you’re going to do this anyway, wouldn’t you rather get paid while you watch?

Online Casinos is looking for one lucky person to binge-watch three popular Netflix series over the course of one month. The best part? You’ll make over $2,000 during the entire process!

What You’ll Do

If selected for the most chill job ever, you’ll be required to watch three of the most popular Netflix shows: Squid Games, Stranger Things, and Wednesday.

You’ll then need to score each series on a 10-point scale based on the following criteria:

  • Bingeability rating, or how likely you are to watch more than one episode in each sitting
  • Distractibility rating, or how often you found yourself doing other things while watching (like checking your phone)
  • Snoozability rating, or how likely you were to doze during the show
  • “Take two” rating, or likeliness you’d rewatch the series
  • The grand finale rating, or how impressed you were with the season finale

You’ll have one month to watch all three shows.

What You’ll Win

For all your binge-watching efforts, you’ll be paid handsomely—$2,000, to be exact. You’ll even get an extra $500 to cover the cost of a Netflix membership and any food you want to snack on during your viewing experience.

Ready to apply? Click here to send in your application!

Applications are due September 25

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