Walker’s Is Opening Crisp Sandwich Shops Across The UK

Crisp lovers rejoice as you can now enjoy unique and tasty crisp sandwiches in shops across the UK.

If you can’t resist the taste of a delicious crisp sandwich, you’re in luck as the tasty snack is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Crisp sandwiches are a student staple, with just a few simple ingredients it’s something anyone can whip up regardless of budget or cooking ability and is perfectly filling and satisfying too.

So, if you love a crisp sandwich you’ll be pleased to know that Walkers have just announced a new partnership with a selection of UK sandwich shops to bring some experimental crisp sandwiches to their menus!

When and where can I grab a crisp sandwich?

From June 12th Walkers will be offering a limited-time-only menu at a number of existing UK sandwich shops. Confirmed cities include London, Brighton, Glasgow, Liverpool, and more.

For one week only, the chosen sandwich shops will offer a menu featuring some unique creations with regional specialties created by each venue. One highlight to look out for is the ‘Mighty Monster Munch’ created by London sandwich shop owner Max Halley, consisting of Monster Munch, fish fingers, cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise, and Pico De Gallo on Focaccia.

So, while you could whip up a traditional crisp sandwich at home, you’ll be able to try exciting and delicious options you might not even think of, featuring Wotsits, Quavers, Monster Munch, and all of your favourite crisp flavours.

This exciting pop-up comes after Walkers conducted research to find out that 98% of UK adults believe that crisps make sandwiches better, so clearly they know their target market well.

This limited edition opportunity will be hitting cafes and shops from the 12th of June, so keep an eye out on the Walkers website for more info on where you can taste a delicious crisp sandwich near you.