ps5 black friday deals
ps5 black friday deals

The Best PS5 Black Friday Deals For Gamers

Don’t miss out on PS5 Black Friday deals.

Black Friday graced us on 24th November 2023 — and boy, aren’t some of the deals amazing?!

From tech deals to fashion, Black Friday and Cyber Week (w/c 27th Nov) is a time for all to get their hands on the items off their wishlist at a fraction of the cost. And if you’re the gaming kind, welcome to your dreamland.

With tons of Black Friday deals and offers on gaming, it’s no wonder PS5 is high up everyone’s list.

We’ve got some the best PS5 Black Friday deals and great Cyber Week offers that are too good to be missed. So if you’re after a PS5 this Black Friday season, look no further.

We’ve also answered the popular question ‘can you play PS3 games on PS5?‘.

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PS5 Black Friday Deals

Here are some of the best PS5 Black Friday deals and Cyber Week offers.

PS5 console — GAME, was £479.99, now £389.99

PS5 black friday - GAME

Get offers and discounts at GAME.

PS5 console— PlayStation, was £479.99, now £389.99

Black Friday ps5

PS5 Standard Console — Amazon, was £479.99, now £465

PS5 black friday deals

Get student discount at Amazon.

PS5 & EA SPORTS FC 24 Bundle — Argos, was £539.99, £399.99

PlayStation 5 Console & EA SPORTS FC 24 Bundle ps5 black friday deals

Find deals and offers at Argos.

Sony PS5 — Currys, was £479, now £389

Currys black friday ps5 deals

Get student discount at Currys with Student Beans.

PS5 Digital Console & Two DualSense Controllers Bundle — Smyths, £439.99

PlayStation 5 Digital Console & Two DualSense Controllers Bundle smyths

Get offers at Smyths.

PS5 digital console — Very, £389.99

PS5 digital console very

Get deals and offers at Very.

PS5 Controller Black Friday Deals

Maybe you already have a PS5 (you lucky thing), maybe your PS5 controller is lagging, or maybe you simply want to treat yourself to a new PS5 controller this Black Friday.

We’ve given you the best PS5 Black Friday deals, and now we’ve got a selection of PS5 controller Black Friday deals, all in one place.

PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller — Currys, was £59.99, now £39.99

PS5 controller black friday

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller — Argos, was £59.99, now £42.99

PS5 controller black friday

And that’s not all!

Here are more PS5 controller Black Friday deals from you to choose from:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off PS5?

If you’re wondering how to turn off your PS5, you’re in luck. 

Turning it off from the console couldn’t be any easier. Depending on whether your PS5 is standing upright or horizontally, press the lowest/leftmost button. Then hold down the Power button until you hear two beeps which indicates that the system is shutting down.

If your PS5 is too hard to get to and you want to turn it off using a DualSense controller, here’s how:

  1. Press the PS button in the centre of the controller to bring up the control centre.
  2. Navigate to the right to find the Power button icon.
  3. Use the X button to select the power button and scroll down to Turn off PS5
  4. Once you have selected this option, the PS5 will power down. 

How to connect PS5 controller?

Need to know how to connect your PS5 DualSense controller? It’s simple. 

  1. Switch on your console and connect the DualSense controller using the included USB-C cable.
  2. Press the PS button on the centre of the controller and a light bar should blink at the top of the controller.
  3. Once the controller is working, disconnect the USB-C cable to use the controller wirelessly.

How to connect PS5 controller to pc?

The PS5 DualSense controller is one of the best out there, so it’s no wonder it’s the top choice for gaming on PCs, too. 

There are two ways to connect your PS5 controller to your PC — wired and bluetooth. 

  • Wired: You’ll require a USB Type-C to USB-A cable for your PC, or a USB Type-C to Type-C cable if your PC has the appropriate port. Although the PlayStation 5 console includes one in the package, the standalone DualSense controller doesn’t. That’s a bit of a downer, but don’t worry. Just grab a cable, plug it in, and you’re good to go!
  • Bluetooth: You’ll require a USB Bluetooth adapter (or a motherboard equipped with built-in Bluetooth). To establish a connection, access the “Bluetooth & other devices” menu on Windows by pressing the Windows key and typing “Bluetooth.” Then, select “Add Bluetooth or other device” and choose “Bluetooth” from the menu that follows. Your PC will initiate a search for available devices.

On the DualSense controller, press and hold both the PlayStation logo button and the Share button (the smaller button located to the left of the touchpad) until the LEDs surrounding the touchpad start flashing rapidly. Within a few seconds, you should see a generic entry labelled “Wireless controller” appear in your list of Bluetooth devices in Windows. Simply click on it to complete the pairing process.

Why does my PS5 keep turning off?

If your PS5 keeps turning off, you’re not alone. 

It’s normal for technology to falter at times (because nothing is perfect) but if you find your PS5 turning off constantly, here are some reasons that could be causing it:

  • Overheating — electronics get hot, really hot, especially if overused and not in a well-ventilated area. Ensure your PS5 console isn’t sat in direct sunlight and covered in dust or hidden behind books, curtains or anything that will trap the console in its heat. Clean off any dust (you may need to open the console to get to the fan and clean that out, too).
  • Weak power connection — check that all cables and connections are properly working and not damaged. If any cables look frayed or browning, stop using them immediately. If your PS5 console is plugged in with many other electronic devices (like on an extension cord) your console may be turning off due to the other tech sucking out more power and your PS5 may not be getting enough. 
  • Outdated firmware — Keep your PS5 console up to date with the latest system software updates to prevent turning off randomly.

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