kitchen with microwave breakfast bar and fridge
kitchen with microwave breakfast bar and fridge

Save Money On Your Energy Bills With These Kitchen Hacks

Energy bills are set to rise…again. Here’s how to cut down on bills.

Kitchen hacks could be one of the best places to start when it comes to saving money. We’re all worried about affording the increasing cost of living, frantically looking at side hustles for students and cutting costs where we can.

Energy bills are taking the bulk of the hit. So we’re here to inform you of a few ways to cut costs. Find out how you can save on energy bills with these kitchen hacks. They’re in your best interest!

“Pre-cook” your pasta.

Instead of cooking your spaghetti or pasta on the hob for ages, you can soak them in cold water while you prep your main sauce and toppings. When it comes to boiling them, you’ll realise it takes half the time. Thank us later!

Watch how you pack food.

Pack food tight in a freezer, but not in the fridge. A fridge needs airflow to amply keep your food and produce cool. If things are packed too tight, your fridge will need to use more power to keep things chilled, which can actually affect your energy usage.

And as for freezers, other frozen food helps other foods freeze, so you won’t have to worry too much about packing things in too tight. Just be sure not to keep your freezer door open for too long, as it’ll need to use more power to get the temperature settings right when it’s finally shut.

Position your fridge properly.

Make sure your fridge has space on either side of it, so it has proper ventilation. Having it up against the wall (or two) doesn’t encourage airflow and could be the reason your fridge works too hard to keep food chilled. If you’re able to, move it to another location with at the very least some space on one side (two would be a bonus).

Use other methods to heat up food.

You’d be surprised how much you can heat up (and even cook!) in the microwave. Using a hob zaps more energy, so reheat your leftovers using a microwave, or try one-pot meals to avoid having multiple stoves on at once.

Stop wasting money unnecessarily.

We wrote about ways to stop wasting money, and one of those things was boiling your kettle. No, we’re not saying stop altogether, but we are saying only use the amount of water you need. The longer your kettle is boiling water, the more energy it uses. And trust us when we say it’s a lot.

Turn everything off from the plug socket.

With the exception of your fridge, freezer, and Wi-Fi, obviously.

Leaving things on standby still uses power. Yes, even your iPhone charger you keep plugged into the wall.

Be sure to turn the switch off to stop your electricals from zapping energy on standby. While it might not be gratuitous amounts, it sure is when multiple devices are on in the house.

Report broken seals.

Seals around the door will keep the fridge door to keep warm air out and cool air in. Speak to your hall manager or landlord ASAP. It might be a little intimidating, but trust us when we say it’s in their best interest as well as yours.

What other hacks have you tried to save on energy bills? We hope these simple kitchen hacks helped. Even the smallest of changes will make a difference!