Stop Wasting Your Money On These 24 Things

Need to nip your bad spending habits in the bud? We’ve got a list of things to stop wasting your money on.

Prices are rising across the board. It’s got us thinking about what we spend our money on and how we can stretch out budgets without making too much of a sacrifice.

Here are some things to stop wasting your money on, with some alternatives that are much cheaper.

1. Boiling the kettle

Boiling the kettle takes up heaps of electricity. With costs of living rising for students, you’ll want to save the pennies.

The alternative? Boil as much as you can to fill a thermos and use it throughout the day. That way you only boil it once a day.

2. ATM fees

The nearest cash point might be tempting, but if it charges, those pennies (pounds, really) rack up. Get cash out on your way home from a lecture or day out from a free ATM machine to save yourself time and money.

3. Takeout coffee

A morning latte is tempting on those sluggish mornings. They’re also tempting to beat the 3pm slump.

Do yourself a favour and save the money. Bring your trusty thermos instead. You could save yourself anywhere between £10-£20 a week if you stopped getting takeout coffee.

4. TikTok gadgets

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good TikTok gadget. Unless it’s going to radically change your life, save your time and get a lot of use, pop your card away.

5. Hotels and hostels

Lots of hotels offer student discount. Make sure you make a note of them before booking your trip away.

6. Late payment fees

Set up automatic payments to come out of your bank account to stop yourself from owing more money. It’s money you’ll likely need to survive as a student, and you don’t want the additional stress, trust us on this.

7. Subscriptions

Do you still read that magazine or use the products in that beauty box subscription? Have a real conversation with yourself and see if they’re worth it. You could be saving tens if not hundreds a month, depending on how many subscriptions you have active.

8. Alcohol

Ordering alcohol out at dinner or a swanky bar is fun and convenient, but it’s also very expensive

Have drinks when you get back, or pre-drink before a night out.

9. Credit card interest

If you have a credit card and owe money on it, it’s worth looking into a balance transfer. A balance transfer works by literally transferring your credit from one bank to another. They’ll often have 0% interest for a period of time so you don’t have to worry about repaying the full amount straight away.

Just make sure you keep up with the minimum payments to keep your benefits.

10. Gym memberships

gym membership.jpg

When was the last time you went to the gym? Or if you only make it a couple of times a month, count how many visits equal your monthly payment. If it’s not worth it, consider quitting and doing home workouts.

If you really must have a gym membership, consider switching to one of the cheaper gym memberships in the UK.

11. In-game purchases

Getting more points, lives and dare we say it, candy (IYKYK), is all fun and games until your bank balance reaches zero. Avoid the temptation and opt for free games instead.

12. Full-priced clothing

A lot of us wait until the sales come out to buy some new threads. Doing so saves you a ton of cash. Try to avoid the temptation to buy something new, we can almost guarantee it’ll be on sale. It’s just a matter of time.

If you really can’t wait, check out our student fashion discounts to save some cash.

13. Fad diets

Saw a diet on TikTok that’s gained a lot of controversies or you’re feeling the strain of the upkeep physically and on your bank balance? Call it quits and shop our student food shopping list instead

14. Computer software

Many software programs cost a lot, especially if you’re on a creative course. Try looking into open-source alternatives or one-time-fee purchases.

15. Delivery

If you really must treat yourself, look for a free delivery option for what you’re buying. Whether it’s fashion or food. Most will only offer it if you spend over a certain amount though, so don’t fall for that trap.

16. Bottled water

bottled water.jpg

Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s also costly. If the tap water is that bad in your student dorm, then invest in a BRITA filter. Yes, the startup cost is a little pricy, but nowhere near as buying bottles of water every single day.

17. PayPal fees

PayPal users can avoid fees by requesting money using the “Friends and Family” option. Just be wary of any sites or brands that ask for this as it could be a scam.

18. Streaming services

Go through your streaming services and see which ones you get the most out of. If you only use one or two, cancel the rest and save yourself a few quid a week that could add up towards a food shop.

19. FOMO

Gigs, food, events or anything else you can’t actually afford right now. Yes the FOMO can be real, but so is waking up to zero in your bank. Personally, we think the latter sounds far scarier.

20. Brand names

Shop own-brand at the supermarket and save yourself some serious cash. Brand names are good and well and if you only trust those, just be sure to balance it out with some non-branded stuff too.

21. Fresh vegetables


We’re not saying boycott these completely, but we are saying you should get frozen veg instead. Some of it is much better than fresh and lasts longer. Think peas, carrots, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.

22. Kitchen roll

Kitchen roll is super easy and convenient. But it also costs you and the environment. Invest in a few kitchen towels instead and have them on rotation.

23. Precut food

Food that’s precut has gone through a process of being so, meaning shops can add a premium. We get that grating cheese isn’t fun, but neither is being robbed of pounds just to have it pre-shredded.

24. Greeting cards

Do you know anyone who actually keeps those shop-bought cards? Neither do we.

Consider an e-card instead, or use one of our student stationery discounts if your pals would prefer the real thing.

How many are you guilty of spending your money on? Don’t worry, we’re a little guilty too. Sign up to Student Beans to get discounts on brands you really can’t put a ban on and save extra cash as a student.