Need A New iPhone? Here’s How To Save HUNDREDS 

This is your sign to splash out on a new phone.

Whether it’s short battery life or a cracked screen getting you down, there’s never been a better time to replace that one bit of tech you rely on more than anything else.

While getting a new phone will always set you back a few hundred pounds or a hefty phone contract, there’s a specific time of year that you can get a whole lot more for your money—and that time is right now.

Why are iPhones cheaper right now?

The fantastic deals you’ll see popping up now are all down to one thing—the launch of the newest iPhone in September. Set for release in the first couple of weeks of September 2023 (the exact date still to be confirmed), the iPhone 15 will be the latest must-have phone on the market.

That means at just a year old, the iPhone 14 will be old news.

However, anyone who’s got one will tell you this is still a pretty great model to have, coming in multiple colours and boasting the longest battery life of an iPhone ever. Best of all, with the new iPhone 15 launching, the price of the iPhone 14 is already dropping.

Gimme some amazing iPhone deals

Some of the best iPhone 14 contract deals right now will get you 100GB of 5G data for just £29.99 a month with an upfront cost of just £99. If you’d rather buy the phone outright and keep your current data plan, you need to be checking out Apple’s trade-in scheme which can save you up to £630 on an iPhone 14. That’s huge.

Another sneaky way to save on your phone bill is by signing up to Tesco Mobile with your Clubcard. Tesco Clubcards are totally free and can help you save not only on your shopping but also on other things like your phone contract too. With your Clubcard, you can currently bag an iPhone 14 with unlimited data and no upfront cost for just £39.99 a month. That’s a saving of nearly £400 over the course of your contract. Bargain.

Tesco isn’t the only one offering crazy discounts on the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13. Sky is offering a double data deal where you pay half the price for double the amount of data. For example, you can get 20GB of data for the price of 10GB. Sky also offer a trade-in scheme to knock even more money off your final bill.

Don’t forget you can also use your Student Beans discounts on a whole load of tech and mobile deals, including 20% off with EE.