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McDonald’s Reveals Major Menu Shake-up With FOUR New Burgers PLUS New Sides

You’re going to love these new summer additions to the Maccies menu.

Maccies is revamping its summer menu to include Italian, Spanish, and Cypriot-inspired food items.

The multinational fast-food chain has four burgers hitting its menus this summer, but like any limited-time menu, you’re gonna have to be quick to grab them.

And if you’re a cheese lover, you’ll obviously know all about Maccies mozzarella dippers and chilli cheese bites. 

But now you have something even more exciting to look forward to. Halloumi fries! Yes, halloumi fries have finally hit the menu and we couldn’t be more hyped.

And lastly, for the sweet tooths out there, Tiramisu Mcflurries are hitting the menus too.

Here’s a detailed run-down on what’s coming to McDonald’s menus in the summer of 2022.

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McDonald’s Taste of Italy menu

From Wednesday 8th June to Tuesday 6th September, McDonald’s lovers can try the Taste of Italy Summer Menu. Here’s what it consists of:

  • Italian Stack and the Crispy Chicken Italiano (£5.39)
    • The Italian Stack burger is made up of two beef patties, mozzarella, crispy onions, a rich tomato sauce, lettuce and a smooth cheese sauce all served within a freshly toasted tomato and herb style bun.
  • The Crispy Chicken Italiano (£5.39)
    • This features a crispy chicken fillet topped by a juicy tomato slice, mozzarella, a basil pesto style sauce, red onion, and lettuce, served up in a toasted ciabatta-style bun.
  • Tiramisu McFlurry (£1.19 for a mini or £1.69 for a regular)
    • A coffee and chocolate-flavoured ice cream.

McDonald’s Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu

A Taste of Spain and Cyprus is hitting the summer menu slightly later, July 27th to September 6th to be exact. Here are the two burgers that’ll be featured on the Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu.

  • The Spicy Spanish Stack (£5.39)
    • Two beef patties on a paprika bun, topped with red onion, crunchy lettuce, chilli cheddar, and a spicy tomato sauce.
  • The Chicken Fiesta (£5.39)
    • The same burger as above, but with a crispy chicken fillet.

And sides? They’ll be serving up halloumi fries with the new burgers and will cost £2.49 for a single portion or £6.49 for a share box.

Lastly, there’ll be a Spanish Fruit Punch, which is a berry and citrus-flavoured soft drink (£2.29 for a medium or £2.61 for a large). Sounds refreshing to us!

Which McDonald’s items leave the menu this summer 2022?

The items being removed on June 8th for the McDonald’s summer menu are:

  • Grand Big Mac
  • McSpicy Chicken Burger
  • Flake McFlurry

Where can I get the new McDonald’s summer menu items?

From the 8th June, you can get the Taste of Italy items, sides, and McFlurry. A Taste of Spain and Cyprus will launch on July 27th. All summer menu items end on September 6th 2022. 

Once the new menu hits stores, you can use McDonald’s locator tool to find your nearest Maccies branch that stocks the newest items listed above.

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