How To Survive In A Long-Distance Relationship At Uni

Distance can be tough on a relationship, but we’ve got your back.

If you and your partner go to different unis, or your partner lives back home while you’re in uni the distance can be really hard to deal with. It’s obviously not ideal to have to have the distance to deal with as well as the additional stress that comes with being a student.

However, there’s no reason why a long-distance relationship can’t work out and have a happy ending and there are plenty of people who have done it and survived the distance. So, here’s how to make sure your relationship stays exciting and healthy while you’re doing long-distance.

Make time for virtual dates


If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that nearly everything can be done virtually. After surviving 3 lockdowns, surely by now everyone’s a pro at Zoom and staying in touch with people they care about without actually seeing them in person, so virtual dating should be a breeze. Try and schedule one night a week where you’re both free to FaceTime or Zoom and really dedicate time to one another. Your uni schedules might be pretty chaotic and while you’re probably texting throughout the day, regular FaceTime calls can really help to strengthen your relationship.

Make time for real dates too


Don’t keep it open, make sure you always have an in-person meeting planned to give you something to look forward to and to miss them less. Arrange a trip for your partner to come and visit you for a weekend or for you to visit them and every time your weekend together finishes, plan the next one. This way you have no doubt as to when you’ll next be seeing each other and the distance might feel a bit more manageable.

Don’t say no to things because of them


This is an important one. Uni is full of fun opportunities and the chance to meet new people and if you’re apart from your significant other, you’re going to want to spend your free time with friends to make you feel less alone. A long-distance relationship can be quite lonely, but it’s important to make sure you’re not spending all day alone in your room talking to just them and to not abandon your social life outside of your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with staying in some evenings to FaceTime, but make sure you’re not saying no to plans just to talk to them instead.

Don’t stalk them


Feeling jealous and paranoid are natural emotions when it comes to long-distance relationships. If you can’t see your partner regularly it’s only natural to wonder what they’re up to, especially if they’re in uni and they’re going out a lot with their friends. If you have a stable and trusting relationship, there’s no reason to doubt them or that they’re doing anything they shouldn’t be while you’re apart and stalking them 24/7 to see where they’re going and who they’re with in the hopes of catching them out isn’t healthy and is only going to drive you mad.

Communicate boundaries and issues


Communication is key to any relationship, but it’s especially important if you’re doing long-distance. If you’re not physically with someone it can be harder to communicate any issues that are bothering you, but if you let things build up it’s only going to make it worse. Make sure you’re being open and honest about your feelings and about your relationship, if you’re not happy tell them! Just as you would do in real life if they did something that annoyed you.

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