Here Are Our New Year Predictions Based On Your Uni

Bad luck to be at Leeds.

2024 is just around the corner and if you’re embracing the new year new me mantra we’ve made a few predictions based on what might be ahead. If your uni is on the list, this is what you might expect going into the new year.

University of Manchester

If you go to University of Manchester you’re going to have a true education glow-up. If you’ve spent the last few months constantly going out and putting your degree second, that’s going to change as you’ll have a brand new attitude for 2024. 9 am lectures? No problem? Days out to the library? You’ll be there.

University of Leeds

If you go to the Univerity of Leeds we predict you’re probably going to have some form of house drama. Whether it’s an untreatable mould problem, a landlord who won’t answer your texts or a flatmate who you hate stirring things, you might not have an easy ride ahead.

University of Oxford

If you go to Oxford you’ve probably got a New Year’s resolution which is something along the lines of setting a goal to read more or to live out your best Saltburn fantasy and host a few fancy dinner parties in the new year.

University of Bristol

If you go to Bristol you’ve probably had one too many wild nights out over the last few months. We’re not saying you’ll retire from your favourite club completely but you’ll definitely probably aim to have a goal around drinking more water and respecting your body more.

Durham University

Your New Year’s resolution is to actually go to lectures this year and you’ll probably try for the first few weeks but inevitably give up after a few weeks.

University of Warwick

You’ll stop telling people you were an Oxbridge reject and you could’ve gone to Oxbridge if you wanted to.

University of Nottingham

You’ll stop dressing like everyone else and finally develop your own sense of style, and no copying the popular creators on TikTok does not count as developing your own sense of style.

University of Bath

Bath students are normally from the home counties and love the outdoors, but if uni has made you prefer nights out over countryside walks you’ve probably lost your way. 2024 is going to be spending time outside and getting back in touch with your roots and having a night out detox.


One doesnt drink, the other one drinks a lil too much, i wont tell u who is who but there are signs

♬ queen of disaster with sparkles – ˚ ˚。° ⋆♡˚🎀 ꒰ ྀི ◞ ˕ ก ꒱ ⭐️

Loughborough University

You’re going to get extra fit, duh. If you go to Loughborough you’re probably constantly reminded that Loughborough students are sporty and on top of their fitness game to the point if you don’t go to the gym semi-regularly you probably feel left out. Well, now’s the chance to actually live up to the uni name and smash those fitness goals.

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