Our Official Ranking Of The Best & Worst Christmas Dinner Items

So we all agree that Christmas dinner is the best part of the day?

Christmas is less than one week away and with that cue the impending drama.

There’s truly nothing more divisive than a plate of Christmas dinner and there’s nothing like the UK’s ability to come together every Christmas to give their opinions on what belongs on the plate and what belongs in the bin.

While British people are quick to defend our food to any American who asks, there’s something quite beautiful at how quick we are to roast someone else’s meal for those who are brave enough to post it on the internet.

Does anyone remember when Molly Mae posted a photo of Tommy’s dinner she cooked and the internet could not get over how dry and tasteless it looked? Yeah, it’s brutal out there.

So, with that, we present our official ranking of the Christmas dinner items with the WORST at the top and the BEST at the bottom.

10. Turkey

Alright let’s face it, this is the worst part of Christmas dinner we’re not even going to argue about it.

9. Roast potatoes

I mean, they’re ok.

8. Carrots

Literally, the most boring vegetable to exist.

7. Pigs In Blankets

While pigs in blankets actually aren’t that bad, they shouldn’t be part of Christmas dinner this should definitely be something we just eat throughout the year, but for Christmas with gravy and vegetables? Nope.

6. Yorkshire pudding

It depends on the Yorkshire tbh, some are soggy some are too hard and if someone burns them it’s over.

5. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce can truly transform a Christmas dinner, we messed up when we as a nation decided cranberry sauce was only something we eat at Christmas because it’s too good.

4. Parsnips

A true British delicacy there’s just something about piling your plate up with parsnips drowned in cranberry sauce and gravy.

3. Nut roast

Seriously, nut roast is so good. Unlike dry and seasonless turkey it actually has flavour and is a way better centrepiece on the plate.

2. Sprouts

Sprouts do NOT deserve the hate they get.

1. Gravy

Alright, we’ll be serious gravy is the one thing that pulls Christmas dinner together. No one wants to eat Molly Mae’s dry chicken on Christmas day and if you’re not drowning your plate in gravy you’re doing it wrong.

Alright, so what do you think is the best Christmas dinner item?

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PSA* This article is not 100% representative of the author’s opinions but feel free to let us know if you agree or disagree, Merry Christmas!

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