£175 Could Be Transferred Into Your Bank Account By Christmas–– Here’s How

You can get free money straight into your bank account by doing one thing!

This time of year is always tough financially and with the cost of living crisis, it’s understandable if you’ve ever wished someone would just transfer you some cash for free.

Well, if you want a Christmas present to yourself you can get £175 for free just by switching to First Direct for your bank account. There’s literally no catch, First Direct will pay you for switching bank accounts and it couldn’t be easier.

How can I get £175 in my bank account?

If you switch your bank account to First Direct, they’ll give you a £175 gift for free as a thank-you for switching over. It couldn’t be easier to switch over as once you sign up, all you have to do is give them your previous bank details and they’ll do all the hard work for you, in terms of closing your old account and transferring any direct debits over to your new one.

Plus, you’ll also get an interest-free overdraft of £250 which is super handy if you tend to dip into your overdraft here and there. The First Direct current account isn’t specifically for students, which means that once you graduate you’ll still get your interest-free overdraft which is a rarity for standard non-student accounts.

If you’re not particularly attached to your bank account or your bank doesn’t really have any great benefits, then this is a great option as you will literally be paid to switch over. All current account holders will also get access to the First Direct Regular Savers Account which has 7.00% AER/Gross p.a interest rate.

All you have to do to get paid the £175 welcome gift is pay £1,000 into your bank account within the first 3 months of opening it. This could be from a salary, student loan deposit, or transferring money into your current account from a savings account. This means you just have to pay in £333 a month to get the reward money, which could be a salary from your part-time job.

Once you’ve opened an account, you’ll get the money in your bank account and if you switch now and pay in £333 this month, November and December, you’ll have the money before Christmas which is a great Christmas gift to help out during festive season!

The only catch is that it’s only available to new customers and you can’t have opened a HSBC bank account since 2020 as First Direct is a part of the HSBC company. You can read more about how to switch and the cash bonus here.