The Hack To Get Your Ultimate Dream Job

Save this as you’re looking for summer jobs.

It’s no secret that the job market is a nightmare right now. Whether you’re a college student trying to find something to give you extra income over the summer or a recent grad hoping to start your career, there aren’t a lot of options right now. And spending hours on job boards sifting through the same postings gets really old really fast.

However, one TikTok user revealed the ultimate hack for getting your dream job because it’s exactly how she landed hers. It doesn’t even matter if the company has any open positions listed or not—she got a job without even applying for it. Find out how you can use this trick to up your job-hunting game and become gainfully employed ASAP.

How It Started

TikTok user @ashleighspili revealed how she snagged a great job at her dream company, even though they weren’t hiring.

Ashleigh saw the company on social media and knew that was where she wanted to end up working. But when she saw they weren’t hiring, she wasn’t deterred. Instead, she reached out to the founder of the company and explained why she would be a great addition to their staff.

“I used the ‘edit anything’ extension on Google Chrome and Canva, and I basically turned their website into my CV,” Ashleigh said. “I downloaded that as a PDF and then I sent an email to the founder. Basically, my subject line was my name and then it was a dash proposal to hustle.”

How It’s Going Now

The founder of the company was so impressed, they invited Ashleigh to talk. “The founder of the company replied to me and she was like, I can make seats at the table for people that have this attitude,” Ashleigh said.

Since it wasn’t a formal interview, the stress was substantially less. There was also no competition with the absence of a formal job posting. One thing led to another, and Ashleigh was offered a job in record time.

“So many companies are considering hiring, but they’ve got so much on and they haven’t had time to put the job advert out, but they are actually open to it,” Ashleigh explained. The best part? She loves her job.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, with many users employing the same strategy during the application process. Ashleigh encourages her audience to put themselves out there when it comes to applying for jobs.

You might as well shoot your shot. Worst case scenario? You don’t hear anything back or get rejected. Best case scenario? You land your perfect role at a company you’ve always dreamed of working for. Good luck!