Duracell Is Offering This INCREDIBLE Grad Job In New York

Make stuff. Get paid.

If you love all things science, spend way too much time on TikTok, and have a deep love for New York-style pizza, we’ve got the job for you.

Duracell Labs (yes, related to Duracell Batteries), is looking for some engineering-savvy nerds to help them do…just about anything you can dream up.

Where Engineering Meets TikTok

Duracell Labs, a physical creative space located in New York City, wants to hire some fresh faces to invent all kinds of cool stuff and shake up their social media presence. If selected, you’ll officially be a Duracell Lab Tech.

“Make, break, hack, crack, test, and invent your way to new battery-powered projects we didn’t know we needed, on camera, with a team of creative collaborators,” Duracell Labs said.

What You’ll Do


Your new powered-up workstation awaits. Hit the link in our bio to apply and you could become our very own lab tech.

♬ Power charge / store energy(977264) – staindgla22

According to the company website, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Have fun. Break things. Put them back together.
  • Record + edit the process into entertaining TikTok content (we’ll help).
  • Use your ingenuity to come up with ideas for battery-powered ways to make life better.
  • Use your technical know-how to design prototypes and test solutions.
  • Stay on top of TikTok trends, and respond to them in creative, brand-relevant ways.

Plus, this incredible internship is one of the few where you take home a paycheck—$15,000 to be exact.

How To Apply


Ah the sweet, sweet sound of building 🎶… you can get used to this as a lab tech

♬ The sound of pouring wine into a glass – LEOPARD

When you send in your application, you’re required to include the following information and answer a few questions, in the form of a video response:

  • Pitch an idea for a battery-powered product (your answer doesn’t have to be serious). Tell them what it does, how you would create it, and what you would name it. Feel free to include visuals.
  • Three reasons why you’re the perfect fit for this job.
  • Tell them you’re an engineer without telling them you’re an engineer.
  • The one piece of equipment you’ll need in the Duracell Lab
  • The most exciting subject in STEM right now
  • How does a battery work?

Ready to apply? Click here to send in your application!