You Should Be Applying For Summer Internships Now

It’s never too early to start sending out applications.

While you’re probably thinking about winter break (and maybe where you’re going for spring break 2024), I highly doubt you’re planning your summer internship for next year. But if you want to snag a position, you should be applying…like now.

Here’s how you can start prepping to apply for summer 2024 internships, where to look, and when you should send in your application.

When should I apply for summer internships?

When it comes to applying for summer internships, applying early is the key. You’ll definitely need to apply during the spring semester, likely in January or February. But if you want to take some initiative over winter break, you should technically be applying now.

Just note that some internships work on a rolling application status, so if you apply too late, you might not even be considered, no matter how stellar your application is. The more competitive the internship, the earlier you’re going to want to apply, too.

How To Find A Summer Internship

If you aren’t sure how to find a summer internship, here are a few good places to start:

  • Reach out to anyone in your network who might have a connection. Finding a job is more about who you know than what you know.
  • Check job boards everywhere. Plenty of them also post internships, not just job postings.
  • See if your college is offering anything. They’re definitely going to give preference to their own students over outside hires.

Steps To Prepare For A Summer Internship

As you’re applying for internships, you’ll need to have all your application materials ready and updated. Remember to give your resume a good update before sending it out, and look through your creative portfolio (if you have one).

And please, don’t rely on AI to generate a resume for you. This is your time to really let your creativity and tone of voice shine through. Really try and wow your potential employer with something that grabs their attention, not a stock resume anyone can get anywhere.

Speaking of resumes, here are the best things to highlight about yourself to increase your chances of getting hired!