Spring Cleaning Your Closet? 5 Trends You Need To Add & 5 To Ditch

Give your wardrobe the update it needs for spring.

Trends are cyclical—everything that was once in style comes back again. But that also means that attempting to follow trends can lead to your closet looking outdated in a hurry. If you’ve giving your clothes a once over and think it’s time to update, you’re in the right place.

We’ve found the top five trends that are on the way out and what you need to replace them with. From clothes to accessories, you’re covered for spring of 2023.

Add: Straight Leg Jeans

Ditch: Low-Rise Denim

Low rise jeans made a push to come back in style thanks to the massive resurgence in 90s and Y2K fashion. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as if the trend is going to stick around much longer.

If you’re looking for a nice in-between style for boot cut and skinny jeans, allow us to introduce you to the straight leg cut. Effortless and timeless, this needs to be a staple in your wardrobe ASAP.

Add: Flared Yoga Pants

Ditch: Oversized Cargos

Keeping in tune with Y2K fashion trends, the OG flared yoga pant is having a major moment. Pair them with your UGG boots for extra throwback points.

The boxy, oversized cargo pants from the 90s that attempted to make a comeback aren’t going to be on-trend much longer. Flared yoga pants give you the same level of comfort with a much more put-together look.

Add: Throwback Sneakers

Ditch: Boring White Sneakers

While a white sneaker isn’t a bad thing to keep in your closet, it’s time to mix it up. We’re having serous white sneaker fatigue and are looking for something with a little more personality. Enter retro sneaker trends.

Look for styles that harken back to the 80s and 90s. Think lines, gum soles, and pops of color. They’re still neutral enough to match with anything, and it’s easier to hide the inevitable dirt that will find its way onto them.

Add: Oversized Bags

Ditch: Micro Bags

We aren’t really sure why micro bags were ever a thing, but we’re happy they’re gone. Seriously, it’s one of the most impractical accessories we’ve seen in the fashion world in a while.

Ditch the tiny purse and grab your oversized bag to stash your stuff when you go out. You can either opt for a more structured briefcase-style bag or go for a slouchy hobo shopper. Either way, you’ll never have to decide what can fit in your purse anymore—carry it all!

Add: Retro Details

Ditch: Aggressive Cut-Outs

While the cutout trend started as a unique way to show a little extra skin, it quickly became inaccessible for most people who partake in polite society. Thankfully, the fashion world has decided to give the skimpy clothing the axe.

Instead, opt for more retro-inspired details. Things like eyelet lace, fun collars, or unexpected prints will add plenty of character to your looks without you worrying if you’re accidentally flashing someone.

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