best ugly christmas sweaters
best ugly christmas sweaters

35 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters in 2023

Here’s where to buy the best ugly Christmas sweaters for the season!

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the craze this time of year. And for good reason! They’re a chance to show off your humor, festive spirit and creativity. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, it can get pretty ugly

So, whether you want to show off your latest Christmas sweater creation, or buy one from some of our hand-picked favorites, here are 35 of the best ugly Christmas Sweaters to look out for for the holiday season in 2023. Plus, we’ve got tons of ideas from Christmas sweaters in movies, and how to get started in DIY-ing your own cheap and tacky Christmas sweater, too.

Take your pick from subtly decorated sweaters to downright ugly or rude ones you’ll have to take a double look at. Whatever your taste is this holiday season, we’ve got you!

If you’re after a more sustainable Christmas this holiday season, check out our sustainable Christmas gifts guide.

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Best women’s ugly Christmas sweaters

Check out our assortment of the best ugly Christmas sweaters below. We’ve got sweaters, jumpsuits and hoodies in a variety of designs from low-key to simply outrageous.

1. Christmas hoodie with Santa hat Cats — Amazon, $19.99

This drawstring Cat ugly Christmas sweater is certainly one of a kind (hideous). Perfect for cat lovers with a sense of humor.

2. Ugly Christmas Cardigan — boohoo, $30

ugly christmas sweater boohoo

An ugly Christmas cardigan might be more suitable for you. This ugly Christmas cardigan from boohoo screams festive season and is adorned with snowflakes, stars and candy canes.

3. ‘Pull me’ ugly Christmas Sweater — boohoo, $28

best ugly christmas sweater -'pull me' sweater boohoo

Stand out from the crowd in this ‘pull me’ ugly Christmas sweater from boohoo. You’re bound to stand out in this purple shade, too (comes in pink as well!).

4. “Get Lit” ugly Christmas sweater — Amazon, $44.95

Literally, get lit with this light-up Christmas tree ugly sweater from Amazon. We love the candy cane-themed sleeves. Lights, slogans, trees…what more could you want?

5. “Too Lit To Quit” Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $49.95

And if you want a seriously tacky Christmas sweater that’s similar to the last, this ‘Too Lit To Quit’ sweater will have people cringing at the office.

6. Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $25.99-27.99

best ugly christmas sweater reindeer amazon

This reindeer Christmas sweater is ugly and over-the-top — perfect for Christmas! Plus, it looks super cozy too!

7. Santa’s Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $14.99 – $29.99

best ugly christmas sweater - amazon santas favorite

Show you’re Santa’s favorite this year with this super tacky Santa Christmas sweater. It has sequins for Santa’s little hat, and the sweater is complete with a ton of snowflakes for that festive feel.

8. Funny Reindeer Snowman Crewneck — Amazon, $28.99 – $30.99

This cute and funny Reindeer Christmas sweater will make anyone around you laugh. It’s Rudolph, adorned with a plaid nose and set of antlers.

9. Santa on Unicorn — Amazon, $39.95

Wait, Santa doesn’t ride Unicorns at Christmas time! Well, show everyone they’re wrong with this funny Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater. After all, we don’t really know if Reindeer and a sleigh were his only modes of transport, right!?

10. Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater Dress — Amazon, $14.99

feel the joy ugly christmas sweater dress amazon

We love a cheeky Christmas sweater, and this is one of many. We low-key love the length of this ‘Feel the Joy’ sweater dress, and the bright green and red colors just yell tacky. But we’re here for it.

11. Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $44.95

Want to stand out amongst the others wearing Christmas tree-themed sweaters? This Christmas tree ugly Christmas sweater is adorned with fluffy baubles for lights and tinsel too. It certainly screams “look at me”!

12. Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $39.99

best ugly christmas sweater -llama jumper amazon

Well, it’s clearly not a Reindeer, but we think that’s the point. Perhaps a Llama with antlers? It’s cute and we love it. Just look at the little scarf keeping them warm! Shop this Llama ugly Christmas sweater on Amazon.

13. Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $28.99

amazon elf jumper ugly christmas sweaters

This unisex Elf Christmas sweater is perfect for those who want to channel this theme in good ol’ tacky style.

14. Christmassy AF ugly sweater — Amazon, $29.99

This Christmassy AF ugly Christmas sweater is just that — Christmassy AF! This sweater is bound to show off the depth of your Christmas spirit that’ll win points in a competition at work or college.

15. Assorted Design on Black Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $41.77 – $49.99

ugly christmas sweater dress amazon

We think this decorative black long Christmas sweater looks pretty neat! We love the little ornaments tied to the tinsel wrapping around the sweater dress. Plus, the colours really stand out from the base. Love it!

16. Unisex Ugly Christmas Tree hoodie — Amazon, $31.19 – $36.99

This ugly Christmas tree hoodie from Amazon is adorned with gifts under a Christmas tree, snowflakes on the sleeves and a super cute hood with a Christmas tree topper. It’s certainly unique and we love the combo of colors!

17. Reindeer, Snowmen & Bauble Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $36.81

This tacky Christmas sweater is loud to say the least. It comes with pretty ecletic print including Reindeer, Snowmen, stockings and baubles. Shop this Christmas tacky sweater on Amazon.

18. Reindeer Christmas Sweater Dress with Tartan Skirt —Amazon, $23.99 – $25.99

This Reindeer Christmas Sweater dress actually has a sense of style to it we can’t ignore. We love the break into the snow-flake print tartan skirt, and overall, it just yells cozy Christmas vibes. But, TBF, it is pretty ugly.

19. Alcohol Christmas Sweatshirt — Amazon, $30.99 – $31.99

Well, this alcohol Christmas sweater is certainly for those who want to get lit at the Christmas party! The red and green sleeves complete with snowflakes actually make the overall look of this slogan tee really cool (read: ugly). It’s perfect for those after something a little lightweight too.

20. Women’s LED Ugly Christmas Sweater —Amazon, $42.99

Yay! Another LED ugly Christmas sweater we just had to include on this list. Its tacky and cheap look is perfect for winning the best ugly Christmas sweaters comp at the office. Plus, the lights are multi-colored, too. People simply won’t look away!

21. Christmas Cardigan with Candy Cane Print — Amazon, $12.99 – $13.99

This simple yet effective snowflake and candy cane cardigan is perfect over any outfit you wear to show off your Christmas spirit. It’s pretty lightweight, so best for use indoors so you’re not too cold.

22. Cartoon Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $39.95

We couldn’t help but notice the influx of cartoon-themed Christmas sweaters this year! If you’re a fan of cartoons, you simply can’t pass up on its design on the search for a tacky cheap Christmas sweater. Plus, it’s hella cute too.

23. Fab Yule Us Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $26.39 – $34.99

best ugly christmas sweaters - amazon fab yule us

Oh the pun, we can’t ignore it. This Fab Yule Us Ugly Christmas Sweater is adorned with assorted colours and a little Santa atop a Christmas gift. We love this design, as it’s bound to make you seen as the punniest person around.

24. Tinsel Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $35.99 – $41.99

best ugly christmas sweaters - tinsel tree jumper amazon

Well this certainly makes a statement! This tinsel Christmas tree long ugly Christmas sweater looks both cozy and tacky, we’re here for it! We love that the tree is complete with little decorations and a star, too.

25. LED Christmas Tree Light Up Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $35.99

We can’t get enough these ‘Get Lit’ sweaters. This red and green Get Lit light-up Christmas sweater actually looks super cool. Plus, it’s got a turtle neck collar for added warmth. We can’t help but notice the sleeves are made super cute here, too. It’s the perfect ugly Christmas sweater! Over-the-top and busy!

26. Unisex Cat Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater — Amazon, $36.99 – $38.99

This unisex Cat Christmas Tree ugly Sweater is certainly one of a kind. We love that their fur has been made into a tree that’s adorned with all kinds of ornaments. It’s two levels of cute and funny! Perfect for the cat lovers in the house.

27. LED gifting themed ugly Christmas Jumper —Amazon, $39.99-$46.99

Like the idea of an LED Christmas sweater? This black LED ugly Christmas sweater is adorned with gifts, baubles and LEDs that come out of the sweater. Plus, the plain black base makes all of the other Christmassy details stand out.

28. Christmas Gift Pullover Sweater — Amazon, $43.99 – $44.99

best ugly christmas sweaters - jumpsuit amazon

Okay, so not a sweater…but how cool are these!? This ugly Christmas pullover ‘sweater’ is basically a Christmas jumpsuit we’ve never witnessed before. It’s hella tacky, so you’re gonna score points there. Plus, the design is super simple, complete with red, green while and gold Christmassy colors. For sure one of the best ugly Christmas sweaters around.

29. Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $29.95

Ahh yes, this classic slogan. It’s a classic for a reason, and this Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Christmas sweater is perfect for those who love this sense of humor.

30. Funny Rude Women’s Christmas Jumper —Amazon, $15.99 – $16.48

rude xmas jumper amazon the best ugly christmas sweaters

As you can see, the sweater is definitely on the daring side. If you’re up for this kind of humor and make those around you laugh out loud, then this funny and rude ugly Christmas sweater is for you.

31. Unisex Ugliest Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $29.99 – $35.99

Well if this isn’t the ugliest Christmas sweater on this list, then we don’t know what is.

It’s definitely not a sweater for the faint hearted. But if you’re the class clown (or was known to be), this unisex ugly hairy Christmas sweater is perfect for channeling your sense of humor. So ugly you can’t look away…

32. Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $44.95

beer pong ugly christmas sweaters

Love beer pong? Then you’re gonna love this sweater. It’s complete with red beer cups, ping pong balls and of course, some festive winter cheer. Shop this ping-pong themed ugly Christmas sweater from Amazon.

33. Christmas Graphic Turtleneck Knitted Crop Sweater — Cider, $14

dinosaur santa ugly christmas sweaters cider

Want something low-key? This Cider Christmas sweater has a super cute dinosaur design with a little Santa hat. One of the nicer ugly Christmas sweaters.

34. Christmas Tree Reindeer Sequin Sweater — Cider, $20.00

the best ugly christmas sweaters - green sequin tree cider

If you still want to keep fashionable but channel the tacky sweater vibe, this Christmas tree Reindeer sequin sweater from Cider will do just that.

35. Jesus With Balloons Ugly Christmas Sweater —Amazon, $37.90

jesus christmas jumper amazon - the best ugly christmas sweaters

Lastly, this Jesus birthday Christmas sweater is super funny and makes total sense when you think about it. Plus, it lights up too!

Best men’s ugly Christmas sweaters

And now it’s time for funny ugly Christmas sweaters for guys! Here are our top picks everyone will love.

1. Tipsy Elves Fun Classic Ugly Christmas Sweater For Men — Amazon, $44.95

the best ugly christmas sweaters for him

Let’s kick this list off with some dirty humor. This Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweater from Amazon is perfect for those who share the same kind of humor too. Just read the room…and maybe pack another tacky sweater that’s neutral just in case (or not, we’re not judging!).

2. Colorful House Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $28.99 – $29.99

the best ugly christmas sweaters for men - amazon beer themed sweater

This incredibly colorful beer-themed Christmas sweater is perfect for those that…love a beer! It’s just screams tacky Christmas sweater right at you. It’s got a pretty relaxed neckline too, which is perfect for those who don’t want anything too clingy towards the neck. Ugly, garish and bright — that’s what Christmas is all about!

3. Ugly Santa Hockey Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $59.99

Santa playing hockey…iconic! If you’re an ice hockey lover or simply like seeing Santa in their element, this ice hockey ugly Christmas sweater is for you.

4. Unisex Ugly Christmas Party Classic Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $49.99

the best ugly christmas sweater men - amazon

This unisex ugly Christmas knitted sweater with a hood places your face in place of a Reindeers! It’s quite cute too, and will definitely make others laugh.

5. Sleigher Ugly Christmas Jumper For Men — Amazon, $59.99

Metal fan? This Sleigher ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for those want to channel their inner rocker. The design features Santa having a great time with a guitar too!

6. Santa Pooping Ugly Christmas Sweater — Amazon, $49.95

pooping santa the best ugly christmas sweater men - amazon

We really hope Santa doesn’t do this every year…But on a serious note, this Santa pooping sweater is absolutely hilarious. One of the best ugly Christmas sweaters? For sure.

7. Naughty Santa Christmas Sweater for Men — Amazon, $59.95

Ugly Christmas Sweaters mens

We’re full of all the rude Santa sweaters aren’t we! This little erm, naughty Santa Christmas sweater for men is pretty funny if you ask us. It’ll make your colleagues laugh for sure, particularly if you’ve been guilty of doing this yourself!

Where to buy a tacky Christmas sweater

Tacky Christmas sweaters are just too fun to pass up this holiday season. This is especially true if you’re competing to have the ugliest Christmas sweater at college or work. If you’re in the market for one, here’s where to buy the best tacky Christmas sweaters:


Amazon is a bottomless pit for tacky Christmas sweaters. That’s because you have a ton of retailers on there competing to have the ugliest Christmas sweaters compared to everyone else!

Plus, there are way more options on the platform. You can find light-up jumpers, funny slogans, rude slogans, unique designs and even ugly Christmas sweaters for the family.

So if you’re looking for the ugliest Christmas sweater, Amazon is the one. Find an ugly Christmas sweater on Amazon and use our Amazon student discount to get Prime free for six whole months.


boohoo ugly Christmas sweaters are not only ugly, but they have an art to making them look good too! You can find ugly Christmas sweaters for less using our boohoo student discount, which gets you an extra 10% bonus off your purchase. From slogan prints to novelty jumpers complete with snowflakes…what’s not to love? They’ve got a range of Christmas sweater dresses if a traditional sweater just isn’t your thing too!


You wouldn’t think of Cider as an online destination for an ugly Christmas sweater, but you’d be surprised! While yes, their Christmas sweaters are super pretty, there’s the odd few that qualify for the ugly category. If you decide to buy a Cider ugly Christmas sweater, use our Cider student discount to save on your purchase.

Best movie Christmas sweaters 

Need some inspiration? Modern movies sport some of the best Christmas sweaters out there. Here are a few of our top favorites: 

1. Mark Darcy — Bridget Jones’ Diary

Did Bridget really think Mark Darcy was the one at this point? The Ugly moose Christmas Sweater might have been a sure fire giveaway.

2. The Cast Of Deck The Halls

It’s literally the entire family in the same ugly Christmas sweater. What’s not to love? We stan coordination!

3. Lloyd Christmas — Dumb And Dumber

We’ll admit it’s a little hard to see (we tried our best), but we’re fans of the rolled mock neck which compliments his questionable haircut. Plus, his last name is Christmas…it would be rude not to put them on the list.

4. Scott Calvin/Santa Claus — The Santa Clause

It’s the facing moose motif for us that earned it iconic ugly Christmas sweater status. Did you know the OG was a zip-up sweater complete with a matching bobble beanie? Neither did we. This remake is iconic nonetheless.

5. John — Love Actually

Forget John being a porn star for a moment. This Christmas sweater from the Love Actually movie not only qualifies in the ugly category, but makes the character show their wholesome side too.

How to make an ugly Christmas sweater

We have a full guide on the 30 best ugly Christmas sweaters to DIY at home, but if you’re new to the idea of how to make a Christmas sweater yourself, we’ve got some tips to get you prepped before you embark on your DIY ugly Christmas sweater journey!

Here are ways you can make an ugly Christmas sweater at home:

1. Use a base sweater

Or any sweater you’d like! However, by using a plain sweater (in whichever colour you choose), gives you more flexibility for customisation. This means you can really make your DIY ugly Christmas sweater your own.

Start by looking in your closet to see if you have an old sweater. If not, ask friends and family if they’re willing to pass down one of their old ones. Alternatively, you can buy one yourself.

2. Get a hot glue gun

A hot glue gun is going to be your best friend. Why? Because you’ll pretty much be able to stick anything onto your base jumper.

3. Invest in different colors of felt

Think reds, greens, browns, yellows…All the Christmassy colors. You can use different colors to layer your felt designs. For example, you can cut out the shape of Rudolph using brown felt and add details such as their red nose with red felt, and a beige or white for Rudolph’s chest.

4. Get a basic sewing kit

Say you want to stick some finer details on your ugly Christmas Sweater, using the hot glue gun could make it too fiddly. Learning the basics of how to thread a needle and some simple stitching methods will increase the possibilities at your disposal.

Plus, if you plan to wrap your jumper in lights, it might not be a good idea to glue those on for your safety!

5. Gather ideas on Pinterest

It can be really overwhelming thinking about what design to go for. By searching terms like “DIY ugly Christmas sweater” on sites like Pinterest, you can get a feel for what people have created already, plus, you can make your own board with tacky Christmas sweater inspo to refer back to when you’re DIY-ing!

6. Collect all kinds of materials

If you’re not a fan of felt, then why not spend some time gathering other supplies too? Such as:

  • Tinsel
  • Feathers
  • Fringing
  • Bottle caps
  • Beads
  • Gift bows
  • …the possibilities are endless!

Ultimately, it depends on what you want to create, but having enough supplies at your disposal will help you formulate the best DIY ugly Christmas sweater of your dreams.

We hope you’ve got tons of ideas for your next ugly Christmas sweater. Sign up to Student Beans to get bonus fashion student deals, stationery student discounts for your DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas and much more.