Here’s Why Students Are Choosing One Night Stands Over Getting Into Relationships

More and more students are choosing one night stands over getting into a relationship, and here’s why.


Our latest Student Beans Sex ‘N’ Education survey revealed that 41% of students had participated in a one night stand in the past with a further 23% saying that they would consider having one. Out of all the students who answered our survey, 44% said they were in a relationship, with the others saying they were either single or casually dating. So, why are students choosing one night stands over relationships?

Being single isn’t a bad thing

There are perks to being in a relationship and there are perks to being single, and it turns out that for many people that being single isn’t something to be worried about. 50% of the students we surveyed said they were happy to be single, while 30% said they were only interested in casual dating. Being single means you can live your best life without needing to be tied down to one person or be caught up in anything too serious while you’re both young and studying, so it’s no wonder that so many students are happy to stay single.

Haven’t found the right person yet

It should come as no surprise that the reason a lot of people said they were single is because they simply haven’t found the person they want to commit to yet. College is a great way to meet new people and get to know people you might not normally cross paths with, but for some people that perfect match just hasn’t come along yet.

Focusing on education

Well, you are in college to get a degree after all. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the active social life and dating scene that come with going to college, but let’s not forget that you’re really here for one main reason. 18% of students we asked said their number one priority is their education instead of being in a relationship and after all, there will be plenty of opportunity to date in later life.

USSexSurveyInfographic_Feed-6 (1).jpg

With more and more students embracing the single lifestyle and favoring one night stands, it’s important to make sure you’re always having safe sex and using protection, especially if you have multiple sexual partners.

Always remember to get tested regularly and make sure you or your partner is using a suitable contraceptive method.