Get Paid $3,500 To Spend 3 Weeks In The Maldives

Amateur and pro photographers, this one’s for you. 📸

Looking to build out your photography portfolio after graduation? Then spending almost a month in the Maldives to take pictures is the perfect gig for you.

A high-end travel company is ready to hire a resident honeymoon photographer. The company has called it “the ultimate assignment” for anyone looking for extra photography experience!

What You’ll Do

Luxury travel company Kuoni is looking to hire its first Photographer-in-Residence at its brand-new resort in the Maldives. The upscale accommodations span the islands of Kuramathi, Kandolhu, Baros, and Velassaru (all of which you’ll have access to). You can even bring an assistant!

Before you even head to the island, you’ll receive training from a renowned wedding photographer. The gig pays, too! For your three weeks of working, you’ll earn $3,697. Plus, all your expenses like food and drink will be paid for.

How To Apply

To be eligible for the gig, here’s what you need to do:

  • Upload a portrait shot of a person or couple
  • Submit your best destination shot
  • Send in a short written piece on why you’re the best candidate for the job

Applications are due April 28. Click here to send in your portfolio.

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