Earn HUNDREDS Of Dollars Just For Listening To Music

Get paid for your perfect Spotify playlist.

Are you constantly looking for new music? Then why not get paid for checking out some new tracks. One company is ready to give you the chance.

Eager to make some money with the ultimate side-hustle? Keep reading to find out how you can monetize your music in no time.

What You’ll Do

Music marketing company Playlist Push is looking for a few lucky listeners to help them out. You’ll be helping to promote some of the best up and coming artists.

Your job will be to either honestly review the song sent to you (if you’re a Spotify curator), or make a TikTok video featuring the track (if you’re more of a TikTok influencer). After that, you’ll get paid! Pretty simple, right?

What You’ll Get

If you’re selected to help out Playlist Push, you’ll earn anywhere from $1-$15 per review. TikTok users can expect around $250 per video. The bigger the following you have, the higher your payment will be.

You’ll be paid via Venmo or direct deposit.

How To Apply

Think you’re ready to apply? Be sure to make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • For Spotify curators, you’ll need one playlist with:
    • A minimum of 1,000 followers
    • At least 30 active monthly listeners
    • At least 1% active monthly listeners from your total
    • No bot followers or listening activity
  • The Spotify playlist cannot be:
    • A movie or TV soundtrack
    • Based on a specific artist, song, or album
    • From a certain decade
    • Aimed at gaining followers

The TikTok standards are more straightforward. You only need at least 31,000 followers with 3,100 views per video. There is, however, currently a waitlist for the TikTok applications.

To apply to be a Spotify Playlist Creator, click here. To apply to be a TikTok Creator, click here.

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