Costco Employees Share Their Secrets To Saving Even More On Your Shop

Save even more at the popular warehouse store!

Everyone loves a deal, and heading to Costco is an easy way to do that. But did you know you can save even more when you shop? These 10 tips will help you stretch your dollar to the max. And that Student Beans discount can help you save, too!

1. You can get money back if your purchase goes on sale

Did you snag something at Costco only to have it go on sale a few days or weeks later? You don’t have to lament your bad timing. If your items goes on sale less than 30 days after your purchase, Costco will give you the difference—no receipt needed!

2. Use that return policy

Costco has one of the best and most generous return policies around. You can return most items, no questions asked, anytime you can. There is a limit on certain items like electronics and major appliances, which need to be returned within 90 days.

3. Know what the price actually means

The prices might not seem like a big deal, but you can actually determine a lot from them, according to employees. Prices ending in .99 is the Costco price. Prices ending in .98 is the retailer’s price, and prices ending in .97 indicate a markdown. And if it ends in .00, that’s a manager markdown.

4. Look for an asterisk

If you’re debating on buying an item, check the price tag for an asterisk. If you see one, that means the item is going to be disappearing from the store for awhile. If it’s been selling a lot, the price won’t move too much, but if you se plenty in stock, its likely the price will continue to fall.

5. Fuel your car while you’re there

If you don’t have a problem waiting to fuel your car, be sure to fill up when you visit the store. Costco stores are typically about 20 cents cheaper than gas stations, which can seriously add up if your tank is running on the empty side.

6. Frozen food is where the deals are at

While some items are made fresh in-house at Costco, a lot of them are thawed and baked from frozen. Save yourself some money by just buying the frozen version and finishing the cooking process in the comfort of your own home.

7. Learn the seasonal cycle

Did you know there’s a rotation to seasonal items? According to employees, toys go on sale to make room for furniture; furniture goes on sale for spring gardening; spring gardening goes on sale for summer items, etc. Checking your Costco weekly is the best way to see when the items get marked down.

8. Plan your tire purchases

Buying tires anywhere can be expensive, but if you get strategic, you can save serious money if you buy them at Costco. The store alternates savings every month on Bridgestone and Michelin, knocking $70 off the price.

9. Grab a rotisserie chicken

No doubt you’ve heard about the glory that is the Costco rotisserie chicken, but do you really know how much of a steal it is? It’s $5 with a minimum weight of three pounds per chicken. Use the meat and spread it across a few meals!

10. Bottled water is always a deal

While not the most sustainable option, staying hydrated is important. When you sit down and do the math, Kirkland’s water works out to about .09 cents a bottle, with 40 in a case.

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