Your Childhood Barbies Could Be Worth Up To £65,000

It’s time to sort through your attic as you could be sitting on some serious cash!

So, we’re all on the Barbie hype right now and we’re obsessed with all things Barbie and Barbiecore.

If you’ve seen the Barbie movie and can’t get enough, now might be the time to see if you can find your old childhood Barbies as they could actually be worth a lot of money!

Barbies are collector’s items and some dolls that may have been easy to get your hands on when they were released are now extremely valuable or rare and could now be worth up to £65,000!

Of course, your Barbies will need to be in perfect condition (no haircuts and all outfits and accessories still intact) but if you or your older siblings played with Barbies in the 90s and 2000s you could just own one of these rare Barbie dolls. Let’s hope if you do have one of the below dolls you didn’t give it a makeover.

Valuable Barbies you might own

1. Original Barbie- 1959

Obviously, the first-ever Barbie is extremely sought after by collectors. Released in 1959, this was the doll that changed everything. Of course, if you’re a 90s/2000s baby you probably wouldn’t have owned this one yourself, but if you come from a family that loves to pass things down there’s a big chance your grandparents could’ve owned one so it’s worth digging through your attic because you never know.

Surprisingly, despite being the first-ever Barbie, this doll isn’t the most valuable one out there. You could get anywhere between £800 to £25,000 if it’s in mint condition for this Barbie and she’s definitely one that collectors are looking for.

2. Pink Diamond Barbie- 2013

The Pink Diamond Barbie is a more recent release, so there’s definitely a chance you or a younger sibling may have had this doll! This glamorous Barbie is covered in pink rhinestones and comes with her own crown and collector’s case, making her a very desirable collector’s item. This Barbie is worth up to £12,000 in pristine condition and is very highly sought after.

3. Totally Hair Barbie- 1992

While this Barbie may not be worth as much as the others on this list, it’s actually the best-selling Barbie of all time! If you’re lucky enough to have one they can fetch around £150 now if you still have her box so it’s worth having a look. However, you’ll need to own the original 1992 doll, not the anniversary remake.

4. Totally Hair Whitney- 1992

It’s not all about Barbie. Barbie’s friend Whitney was released with the Totally Hair Barbie and is actually worth more money than Barbie is. The Whitney doll can sell for up to £800, so if you preferred to play with the brunette doll you could be very lucky.

5. The De Beers Barbie- 1999

If you have this Barbie, you’ve definitely won! The De Beers Barbie was made in 1999 by the luxury jewellers De Beers to celebrate their 40th anniversary. This Barbie has over 160 diamonds in her outfit and retails at anywhere between £65,000 to £85,000!

6. Karl Lagerfeld Barbie- 2014

In honour of Karl Lagerfeld, this doll was made in 2014 and was a limited edition doll. Originally reselling for around £135 the doll has significantly increased in value since Karl Lagerfeld passed away in 2019 and is now valued at around £8,000.

7. Queen Elizabeth 1 Barbie- 2004

This Barbie is a popular collector’s item thanks to the stunning detail in her dress fit for a queen. This Barbie’s value is around £700 to £1,000 depending on the condition.

8. Midnight Tuxedo Barbie- 2001

This collector’s Barbie is extremely glamorous, which only adds to her value. With a floor-length black gown, silver buttons and luxurious silky hair, and dark sultry makeup. She’s worth around £3,800 in the box.

9. Marie Antoinette Barbie- 2003

The Marie Antoinette comes with a large and luxurious baby blue gown with gold trims and puffy sleeves. With her perfect hair and sparkly jewellery, it’s clear to see why this Barbie is both a collector’s item and so valuable.

So, maybe it’s time to call your mum and ask her where she keeps your old dolls because you never know, you could have some serious cash hidden away. If you have any Barbies that were made in the 90s or 2000s, there’s a chance a collector somewhere might be interested in them so even if you don’t have one of these Barbies it’s worth selling yours on eBay as a quick side hustle to get a few hundred pounds back.