When is A-Level Results Day 2024?

Find out when A-Level results day is in 2024, how to prepare and what happens next.

Ahhh, A-level results day. The day you’ve all been waiting for.

Results day is the one day of the year where students collectively join, waiting in anticipation to open up their letters and find out whether they’ve made it into their choice of uni. Or if they’re not going to uni, they’re at least waiting to see if they’ve exceeded their own expectations.

We know that waiting around, refreshing your browser to find out if you’ve made it into your first-choice university is stressful. But rest assured, you aren’t going through it alone and regardless of what A-Level results grades you achieve, there are always next steps to take.

In this guide:

When is A-Level results day in 2024?

A-Level results day 2024 is Thursday 15th August 2024.

On results day, check the UCAS Track site as early as possible in the morning to see the status of your applications. Results will come out anytime after 8am.

For students in Scotland, SQA results day 2024 is on Tuesday 6th August. These results should be available from 8am, but it’s best to check directly with your school or college.

You won’t be able to see what grades you’ve achieved on UCAS Track, though, you’ll just be able to see whether you’ve got into your chosen university/universities or not.

To find out your actual grades, you’ll need to pick up your results from your school or college. If you’re not sure about the status of your uni place, contact the university directly to get confirmation from them. They’ll have extra staff on hand taking calls on the day but be patient if you don’t get through straight away, it’s bound to be busy.

And sometimes universities don’t publish whether you’re in or not until later in the day – sometimes due to technical difficulties – so try not to fret if nothing shows at first when you log on.

Preparing for A-Level results day

Usually, you’ll need to travel to your school or college to pick up your results envelope. If you can’t make it, or simply don’t want to, you can arrange for your results to be posted to you or for someone else to pick them up on your behalf. For the latter, you’ll need to have the person sign a permission slip or the like to prove you’ve sent them on your behalf.

What to bring with you on A-Level results day 2024

  • A pen and notepad (or your phone) to make notes
  • Your UCAS number
  • Contact details for your firm and insurance choice universities
  • A copy of your personal statement
  • Contact numbers for Clearing in case things don’t go your way

Getting your A-Level results and next steps

If you get the necessary grades and log onto UCAS Track, you should see that the offer’s changed to Unconditional. An unconditional offer means your place on the course is now confirmed. If you don’t make the grades for your firm choice, but you get the grades for your insurance choice, you’ll automatically be accepted into your insurance choice uni.

When your confirmation letter arrives, don’t lose it! You’ll likely need to show it to the bank if you intend to open a student bank account.

Types of university offer

UCAS Track StatusWhat it meansNext steps
Unconditional offerYou got your grades and one of your chosen universities has accepted you onto a courseCelebrate first, then, prepare for uni with our helpful uni checklist
Conditional offerYour chosen unis are still considering whether to offer you a place on their courseCall the universities to ask for an update or your application
Unconditional changed courseYou didn’t get the grades you needed, but the uni has offered you placement on an alternative course insteadCarefully consider the course you’ve been offered. If it’s not right for you, decline and start looking at Clearing vacancies
ClearingYou didn’t get the grades you needed for your firm and insurance choicesStart researching alternative courses and call alternative unis. Head to our Clearing guide for all our best Clearing advice
Unconditional and conditional offers explained

Once you’ve got your place confirmed, it’s time to make sure your student finance application is sorted and you’ve applied for any additional support like disabled students’ allowance

If you don’t get the grades you need for uni

Don’t panic if you don’t meet the conditions for your uni offer, you can take the autumn exams. If you achieve the grades you need to meet your uni offer, you may be able to join your chosen course in January if the university has January start dates. Otherwise, it’ll be a September 2025 start.

As for deferring, you could take a gap year to work to save money, start an apprenticeship, travel or anything else you fancy doing instead. University is a big (and expensive) commitment so don’t make the decision lightly or just follow friends.

Clearing explained

Clearing begins in July each year and is open from 5 July to 21 October 2024. But it only really gets into full swing on results day once exam results are published.

If you’re eligible for Clearing, it will say so and you’ll be provided with a Clearing number. You can find out more in our guide on what to expect in Clearing and how it works.

Deferring or rejecting your university place

Deferring a university place

If you decide you want to defer your place at university for a year, simply call up the university and speak to them directly about it – just know they may ask your reasons for doing so. If you can’t defer, then you will have to give up your place and reapply through UCAS the following year.

Rejecting a university place

If you decide that you no longer want to attend uni then you need to call the uni about your placement on the course.

Likewise, if you meet the requirements for your firm (first) choice but would rather head to your insurance (second) choice instead, you might find it tricky as you’ve entered a sort of agreement that you’ll be heading to another placement instead. Again, it’s best to speak to the university directly and as soon as possible.

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