What Is Student Housing Really Like? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you worried about your first time in student housing? Well, we’ve got all the answers you need.

Moving into a student house for the first time can be pretty scary. Although when you live in halls you’re partnered with flatmates and are allocated a space in halls, finding your student house for your second or third year is pretty different as you’ll need to decide who to live with, and find a house amongst yourselves to move into.

Even if you’ve just started university, you might already be thinking ahead to the future, especially because the process of securing your second or third-year house normally takes place from January. Student housing can be notoriously bad, with frequent landlord horror stories, however, with some preparation and by knowing what to expect you can find your perfect student house.

If you’ve got questions about all of this, we sat down with Charlotte who gave us all of her best tips about student housing and answered all of the questions you’ve ever wanted to know.

From decorating and making the space your own to what to look for when you’re viewing student houses and how to find one, all your worries should be put at ease!