Time To Wash Your Bedding—The Filthiest UK Unis Have Just Been Revealed

Using 3-in-1 body wash does NOT count as washing.

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We hate to break it to you, but you are supposed to wash your bedding every week and not once a month (or worse, even less than that). We hear you, we hate Circuit laundry too but you can’t put it off forever.

Uni gives you a lot of freedom and responsibility when it comes to cooking, cleaning and just generally taking care of yourself, so it’s only natural that a few of these adult responsibilities are neglected here and there but using 3-in-1 body wash instead of real shampoo is where we draw the line.

If you’re guilty of sleeping in your bed sheets for as long as possible without washing them, forgetting to wash your towels or rewearing the same underwear a few days in a row—we’ve all been there especially if we’re having a bit of a bad day (or week). But there’s a difference between procrastinating putting a wash on and just not doing it for as long as humanly possible because you cba.

Well, if you’ve ever secretly thought one of your flatmates is a bit smelly or been disgusted by their inability to tidy up, new research has officially revealed the filthiest uni cities in the UK.

Showers To You has conducted research and calculated how often people in each uni city wash their bedding and towels and what percentage only do it every 3 months or more…which we honestly have no words for.

We would just bear this in mind the next time you go back to a stranger’s room after a night out and consider offering your room instead for some peace of mind, unless you are also someone who washes their bed sheets every 3 months in which case maybe you’d be a perfect match?

Which UK universities are the filthiest?

The following research was collected by Showers For You and shows the percentage of students who only wash their towels and bedding every 3 months or more.

  1. Leicester- 40.90%
  2. Glasgow- 40.80%
  3. Sheffield- 37.50%
  4. Coventry- 36%
  5. Edinburgh- 35.80%
  6. Birmingham- 35.70%
  7. Nottingham- 34.10%
  8. Liverpool- 33.90%
  9. Bristol- 33.30%
  10. Manchester- 32.40%
  11. Cardiff- 31.70%
  12. London- 31.40%
  13. Leeds- 31.30%
  14. Southampton- 28%
  15. Newcastle- 22%

Surprisingly Newcastle was the cleanest city on the list with only 22% of students neglecting to wash their bedsheets and towels often, with Southampton, Leeds, London and Cardiff closely following as fairly clean cities. So, if you go to one of these unis you should be proud of yourself.

However, taking the top spot as the filthiest UK uni is Leicester where 40.90% of students fail to wash their bedding regularly, leaving it for up to 3 months or more. Glasgow closely follows with 40.80% of students and Sheffield, Coventry and Edinburgh are not far behind.

You can read the full research here.

If your uni isn’t on the list you can rest knowing the majority of people you interact with probably know how to put a wash on and if you know it’s been a while since you last did it, maybe this article will inspire you to put your bed sheets in the wash this weekend.