Thousands Of UK Students Can Claim Over £26,000 A Year In Support

Have a learning difficulty, health problem or disability? You could be eligible for further financial support.

Getting additional income through side hustles or part-time jobs is usually the norm for students needing to make some extra cash on the side. 

But for those who are unable to work or have difficulty working over a certain number of hours, there’s additional financial support available to help out during your studies.

This is known as the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). We’ll outline more about the DSA, how much you can get, what you can use the allowance for and more.

The Disabled Students’ Allowance

The DSA is a type of government-funded financial support offered to those who have long-term illnesses, mental health struggles or disabilities. This type of support can be paid on its own, or with your student maintenance loan from Student Finance.

The amount of payment you get isn’t household income dependent either. Everyone’s assessed on an individual basis, and adjustments are made depending on how much support you need.

Plus, a DSA doesn’t need to be paid back — which we hope relieves any worries there. 

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How much DSA can I get?

We’ve listed what you can get as a maximum per year if you’re to apply for a DSA.

2022-23 academic year

You can get up to £25,575 a year.

2023-23 academic year

You can get up to £26.291 a year.

When can I apply for the DSA?

You can apply for the DSA at any time throughout your studies. You don’t have to apply before or during the set-up of your Student Finance company payments.

What can I use my DSA payment for?

A DSA can help pay for a variety of things as a student. Be advised that a DSA does not cover disability-related costs you’d have if you were not attending a course or costs that any student might have currently.

A DSA can help with the following while you study:

  • Equipment to complete your studies, such as a laptop
  • British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters or other non-medical helpers
  • Travel costs
  • Printing costs 

How do I get a new computer with DSA?

You can get financial support for a computer if you don’t have a computer already, or the one you currently use doesn’t fit your study needs. 

While the DSA will help fund a new one, you’ll need to pay the first £200 towards it. You can find out more information about this on the DSA section of the government website.

How will my needs be assessed?

If you’re eligible for DSA, the Student Finance company may ask you to contact a DSA assessment centre to help with what you need to complete your studies. You should only book one if you’re asked to.

You won’t have to pay for this assessment, but it will be covered under the DSA you may receive.

The important thing to note is you should not buy any additional equipment yourself, as it won’t be reimbursed under the DSA. The assessment will outline a report of equipment you’ll need, which will be covered by the scheme.

How do I get my DSA paid to me?

Your allowance will be paid to you directly, or to the companies that will provide your equipment. 

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