This 28-Day All-Inclusive Holiday Is Cheaper Than Staying At Home

Fancy a month-long holiday? Well, it might actually be cheaper than staying at home!

With the cost of living crisis at an all-time high teamed with the pandemic and travel restrictions, most of us have probably cast aside the thought of a holiday over recent years.

However, EasyJet wants to change that and make holidays accessible for those who may not be able to afford one. Launching a new 28-day all-inclusive holiday, you could jet off without breaking the bank and save on your energy bills too!

With bills soaring, the idea is that escaping the UK for a month means not having to pay high energy bills for a month AND getting a relaxing break out of it too. The 28-day trip to Hurghada, Egypt will cost just £650 per person including return flights, accommodation at Stella Gardens Resort, breakfast, lunch, dinner, unlimited snacks, WiFi and your airport transfer! Plus, you’ll also get your flight bag included in the cost so you won’t need to worry about paying extra to bring all of your holiday clothes.

The idea comes after the Office of National Statistics reported that more than 50% of the UK are considering escaping the UK this winter to avoid the cost of energy bills.

The EasyJet cost of living package is for flights departing from Gatwick and Bristol on the 3rd of January or Manchester and Luton on the 4th of January, so it’s the perfect way to kick off the new year.

At just £650 per person for the all-expenses covered trip, this works out cheaper than the average monthly expenses per person in the UK which is around £877 including rent or mortgages, utility bills, travel, wifi, streaming subscriptions, gym memberships and food shopping.

So, if you’ve had enough of the UK and need a winter getaway, you can check out the EasyJet cost of living package here!

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