These Are The Hotels That Offer Student Discount

Here’s a list of hotels that offer student discounts so you don’t have to scour the web to save cash on your stay!

Planning your next student getaway? Maybe you’re wondering how to save money on accommodation, which can often be the most expensive part of the trip (depending on your priorities, at least).

We’ve gathered a list of the hotels with student discounts we offer on our site to make it easier to browse through. Simply click on the links below and save on hotels, hostels, apartments and unique stays.

Oh, and a couple of tidbits on saving cash when you book your accommodation!

Student discount hotels on offer

1. Hilton Hotels

Hilton hotels are pretty fancy if you ask us.

If you’re worried about the cost to stay in a Hilton Hotel, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can get a Hiton Hotel student discount when you book via Student Beans!

2. Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels are also pretty swanky. They have an incredible global portfolio meaning it’s quite easy to find a Marriott wherever you jet off to. Plus, each Marriott Hotel is super unique and has its own charm to it.

Get a student discount on Marriott Hotels when you sign up to Student Beans.


Want a wider selection of accommodation options? is one of the leading hotel comparison sites out there. Plus, we work with them to ensure you get a great deal! Get a student discount using our code on site.

4. Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is another fantastic comparison site that lets you choose from a variety of accommodation options around the world. Browse their categories from winter breaks to short city stays.

Plus, students get a discount on Choice Hotels too.

5. Expedia

We all know Expedia. In fact it’s one of the top sites to browse package holidays, flight-only deals and accommodation.

It’s not one you usually go to for a cheap deal, but we work with Expedia to ensure we can offer you 10% off an Expedia booking!

6. IHG hotels

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is a British multinational hotel and resorts provider that hosts a ton of ideas and options for your next student holiday.

Don’t let the word resort ring ‘expensive’ in your mind though, you can get IHG student discounts through our website.

7. Holidays by National Express

National Express is fantastic for cross-country cheap coach trips. But did you know you could get a package holiday deal including a hotel? Get a National Express holiday discount on it too!

8. Hyatt Hotels Resorts

No Marriotts available? Hyatt is another great option for accommodation and they have a huge portfolio of 850+ places to stay on your next trip. Get a student discount on Hyatt Hotels on your next trip.

Tips for saving money on hotels

1. Skip breakfast

Not literally! Absolutely get your breakfast in. We just mean skip paying for it at the hotel.

Hotels charge separately for breakfast or ‘include it’ in the price. If you plan on venturing out early in the mornings, why not get your own breakfast? It’s a great way to sample what the locals eat too.

2. Ditch the hotel bar

All hotel bars are more expensive than local bars. If you really must drink at the hotel, get a few drinks from the corner shops.

3. Book it last minute

Hotels slash the prices of their stays when it’s closer to your departure date. This is quite risky though, so we don’t recommend it if there’s a large group of you. If you’re in a couple or going solo, then you’re more likely to get somewhere to stay.

4. Try book off-season

This goes for your flights too. Booking during off-peak times of the year will save you tens if not hundreds of pounds on your holiday. Which we all know is vital as a student. Plus, it works out great for you too. It means the destination typically won’t be as busy. It can be hard to coordinate if it’s a group holiday, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

And that’s it! We hope these student hotel options offer you enough ideas for stays on your next holiday. Just don’t forget to redeem the discounts we offer by signing up to Student Beans to save extra cash on your trip.