The 5 Best Charlotte Tilbury Products, According To TikTok

These are the Charlotte Tilbury products that are trending on TikTok that you need to get your hands on!

If you’ve spent any time on the beauty side of TikTok recently, you’ll know that Charlotte Tilbury products are trending and some are in very high demand.

Like with any product that goes viral on TikTok, hundreds of people want to try it out leading to products literally flying off the shelves and being out of stock for months and highly sought after. Charlotte Tilbury’s products are no exception to this with several products reaching cult status thanks to TikTok fame.

If you’re easily influenced by TikTok trends and want to try out some of the viral products for yourself, these are the 5 best products you need to get your hands on if you’re new to the brand. Plus, you can also get a student discount at Charlotte Tilbury by using your Student Beans account which is an added bonus, as let’s face it, some of the products are pretty pricey.

Best Charlotte Tilbury products

1. Hollywood Flawless Filter

The Hollywood Flawless Filter has caused a bit of controversy, as people aren’t sure whether it’s a primer or a foundation.

Technically, it’s more of a primer than a foundation but that hasn’t stopped people from using it as a foundation and to be honest it works amazingly as both.

Hollywood Flawless Filter will set you back £34 at full price, but honestly, the results are totally worth it.

For glowing skin, it’s a sheer coverage that naturally smooths and moisturises your skin. Many people have even compared it to having a filter on your skin in real life, as it smooths your skin just like an Instagram filter would.

Charlotte Tilbury’s entire brand is built on old Hollywood glamour, so it makes sense that this product was designed to mimic the lighting of an old Hollywood film.

While it’s still debatable as to what the product is actually used for, it can be used as a primer before other makeup, a foundation for a barely-there look (if you prefer a more sheer look over a full coverage one) or as a highlighter to give you a dewy glow on top of the rest of your makeup look.

2. Beauty Light Wand

The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is a product that you might struggle to get your hands on thanks to it going viral on TikTok.

This highlighter comes in four shades, Goldgasm a shimmery gold, Spotlight a glowing silver, Pinkgasm a pearlescent pink and Peachgasm a pretty peach shade. Pinkgasm and Spotlight tend to be the two that are constantly sold out (it even says so on the website) but there’s a very good reason.

Highlighter was a super popular makeup trend back in 2016 with brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jeffree Star Cosmetics paving the way, but has lost its popularity in recent years due to the popularity of more stripped back and natural makeup coming back into style.

However, the popularity of the Beauty Light Wand proves that highlighter should still have a firm place in our makeup bags. It’s popular because it gives off a super natural glow and comes in a unique cream formula that’s easy to apply.

This highlighter is highly sought after so if you don’t have it and want to try it out, you’re going to have to keep checking the Charlotte Tilbury website regularly for when it’s restocked and sign up for email alerts, as chances are you’re not going to be the only one looking for it.

3. The Hollywood Contour Duo

The Hollywood Contour Duo is the perfect way to get a flawless contour and highlight. This product is popular because it comes with two products and you can choose the shades you want.

This product is actually two separate products, the Beauty Light Wand and The Hollywood Contour Wand. We’ve already covered the Beauty Light Wand but the Hollywood Contour Wand is great because it’s super blendable and lightweight, for flawless cheekbones even if you don’t have the natural bone structure for it.

This duo means you can save 10% on the two individual products, rather than buying them separately and you can choose which shade you want from each, tailoring it to your own needs.

This doesn’t solve the problem of Beauty Light Wand constantly being sold out though, so you’ll still need to wait for a restock before you can buy the duo.

4. Pillow Talk Lipstick

If there’s one iconic product that Charlotte Tilbury is known for, even before TikTok its Pillow Talk Lipstick.

The lipstick is universally flattering and designed to suit everyone and is a matte and long lasting pink shade.

Obviously, TikTok loves the lipstick too with many people citing it as the perfect nude lipstick to compliment any look. The Pillow Talk range has expanded into lip liners and eyeshadows too. The original Pillow Talk lipstick comes in three shades now, the original, medium and dark so you can choose the shade that’s most flattering to your skintone.

The lipstick is designed to enhance the natural shape and hue of your lips to create a volumised pillow-y lip in seconds and the flattering pink tones make it perfect for any occasion.

5. Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

To finish off any look and to keep your makeup in place all day, a setting powder is key. The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Setting Powder is popular as it gives off a poreless and soft effect making your skin look naturally airbrushed.

In short, this product is popular due to the fact it naturally smooths and blurs the appearance of your skin just like a filter or airbrushing would. It’s also super long lasting, meaning your makeup will stay in place all day or night making it the perfect companion to a night out or long day at uni or work.

The Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder will set you back £35 at full price and comes in four different shades.

If you love Charlotte Tilbury products but can’t justify the price check out this awesome concealer dupe and blush dupe. But, if you do want to try out some of these viral Charlotte Tilbury TikTok approved products, don’t forget that you can get a student discount at Charlotte Tilbury by using your Student Beans account to help you save some cash on your next purchase!