Lucy Mountain Reveals How She Became A Leading Figure In The Body Positivity Movement

The latest episode of I’d Quit But I’m Broke has landed!

Our hit podcast “I’d Quit But I’m Broke’ is back for season 2, and we’ve kicked it off with fitness guru Lucy Mountain.

If you’re sick of your underpaid and overworked student job, then you’re not alone as each week our hosts Matt Kerridge and Grace McIntosh sit down and get career guidance from guests such as actors, personal trainers and journalists to find out just how they got there.

It turns out pretty much everyone has had a bad first job and some really awful work experiences before landing their dream job, and we cover every inch of the job market each week to help you discover yours and know that you’re not alone if you hate your job!

Season 2 kicks off with fitness-trainer and guru Lucy Mountain who talks about how she started out as a cupcake seller and grew her empire to be one of the biggest names in the fitness and body positivity movements.

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