Last-Minute Gifts That Are Still Super Thoughtful

Thank god for next day delivery.

If you haven’t bought your Christmas presents, you’re not alone. Maybe you just completely forgot about someone or you just lost track of time, but next day delivery exists for a reason so there’s no need to panic just yet.

If you need to get a last-minute gift but you don’t want it to seem like a last-minute gift, we’ve got you but get down to the shop asap before it actually is too late.

1. A subscription box

Trust us, this is actually a super thoughtful gift if you know someone’s interests. While it might not be the best present to unwrap if it’s a monthly subscription that starts in January, you’re kind of giving them a present every single month for the next year and that’s way better than one present on Christmas Day.

2. Spotify or Apple Music subscription

No one enjoys paying for Spotify or Apple Music, so give them some time off to save their own money and give the gift of music. This is way more thoughtful than a standard last-minute gift card because if you know they already use Spotify or Apple music and they love curating playlists or listening to podcasts, you’ll be doing them a favour and one less bill to pay for the next few months.

3. Gym clothes

If you know someone that loves the gym or working out this is a safe option if you know what size they wear. No gym enthusiast is going to turn down some gym shorts or leggings and they can always return and refund for a size up if the style doesn’t look great but it’s a thoughtful last-minute gift either way.

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4. Books

If you know someone who loves to read you really can’t go wrong with popping into your local WH Smiths or Waterstones before Christmas to get them something to read over the festive period. If you know someone more creative journals and planners are a great way to get prepared for 2024.

5. Alcohol

Yeah, the ultimate last-minute gift that will actually get used. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, prosecco, gin, baileys or whiskey you can pop down to your local off-licence before Christmas Day to grab something that someone will actually love and won’t even question if it was last minute.


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