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Here’s How You Can Save £89 A Month On Essentials

We’ve found the secret to saving money on essentials…

We know there are some things that you just can’t go without, no matter how much you’re trying to cut down on your spending.

From food to study essentials and travel, there’s no escaping the spending on essentials, however there is a way that you can save a ton of money on the everyday items you need to get by.

To help make your life easier (and your bills a little smaller), we’ve pulled together a whole range of discounts to help yoe beat the bills. Here, you’ll find discounts on all the essentials in one place so you can save those extra pennies for something a little special.

Below, we’ve listed some of the savings you can make thanks to our new Beat the Bills incentive, so go ahead and check them out.

Save on your food shop

woman grocery shopping

Your food shop is probably one of the areas that you spend the most money. In fact, students spend around £125 a month on their food shop which we know nowadays doesn’t go very far. To help you out we’ve got some great student discounts you can use on your food shop, including £25 off a £60 shop at Ocado and £6 off a £45 shop at Iceland.

Added together, that’s a saving of £32 for the month just on your food shop — think of all the extra treats you can buy with that (or you could be sensible and throw it in your savings). 

That’s not all either, on our Beat the Bills page, you’ll find deals for meal delivery services, takeaway treats and so much more.

Save on transport

train at station

While some of you might be within walking distance of campus, other students might be travelling from further afield for their lectures. Or, if you’re living far away from your family, you might have thought a trip home out of the question with current travel costs skyrocketing.

Luckily, we’re here to help. You might have heard that purchasing a railcard can save you serious money on train tickets, but did you know that you can actually save money on your railcard too?

We can get you 20% off a Trainline railcard which will in turn save you a third on train tickets — pretty great, right? The average student spends about £65 on travel every month, so that’s savings of around £21!

Find travel discounts for buses, trains and more on our Beat the Bills page.

Save on broadband

It’s safe to say in this modern age that you just can’t get by without the internet. It’s an essential, especially for studying students. While you might split the bill with your housemates, you can still save them (and yourself) some money.

The average monthly cost of broadband is around £30 a month, which is pretty steep for something that everyone needs if you ask us. That’s why we LOVE this next deal from Community Fibre.

Exclusive to Student Beans, you can get three months of free internet — that’s right it’ll cost you ABOSLUTELY NOTHING for three whole months.

That’s a saving of up to £150 for the year depending on the level of contract you opt for and a saving of £22-50 every month for the first three months. 

Save on your phone

holding mobile phone iphone

Whether you’re after the latest phone model or just looking for a sim-only deal, there are tons of options out there. In fact, it’s a little overwhelming most of the time. That’s why we’ve collated the best phone deals for students into one handy page, along with other essential deals.

With the average student paying just over £10 a month for their phone service (not including the cost of the handset), this is another essential cost that you just can’t escape from.

There is, however, a solution to slash this phone bill in half — use our exclusive discount with Lebara for 50% off your sim-only deal. You might be thinking that no sim-only deal that cheap can be that great, but spending just £5 a month would get you 4G and 5G coverage, plus 15GB of data a month. 

Not sure if it’s for you? We’ve got plenty of other deals to help you beat the phone bills.

Save on studying

From books to read to notepads to write on, the cost of study materials can add up pretty quickly. Whether you’re after some new fancy highlighters or textbooks for your course, there are savings to be had.

Every UK student will have visited WHSmith at some point in their time at uni — a haven for all things stationery, it’s the perfect place to help you get organised for studying. The average student will spend around £17 on course materials every month, but thanks to WHSmith, you can save 10% on this too.

That’s not all, we can help you keep the costs of course materials low with discounts on books, art supplies and so much more by checking out all our Beat the Bills deals.

If you add up all the deals mentioned above, you’ll reach a healthy £89 of savings per month which is a pretty decent amount to have lying around if you ask us.