Here’s What Your Christmas Day Outfit Says About You

If you’re not wearing something comfy what are you doing?

The big day is just around the corner and every family does things differently. When it comes to Christmas Day attire this can divide many households, while some families want to get all dressed up for photos others truly accept and embrace it as a day to lounge around and eat chocolate and don’t care what guests are turning up in.

Whatever your family tradition is on Christmas Day, here’s what your outfit says about you.

Matching pyjamas

People who wear matching pyjamas on Christmas day are elite. There’s nothing that says Christmas Day more than lounging around in comfy pyjamas and slippers and eating as much food as possible. Comfort is definitely a priority in your house and it feels different to a normal lazy day when you don’t change out of your pyjamas.

Christmas jumper

If your family wears Christmas jumpers that’s also a respectable choice. There’s always going to be someone wearing some form of funny dad joke slogan and someone who’s gone for a funny quote, but nothing says Christmas spirit more than throwing on your Christmas jumper to get some great Christmas Day photos.


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Full glam

People who wear full glam on Christmas Day are NOT to be messed with. Seriously, we admire your dedication to the cause. If you’re turning up in a tight Oh Polly dress and still aiming to clear your plate we have nothing but respect for you.


People that just wear anything on Christmas Day probably aren’t huge Christmas enthusiasts. Where’s your Christmas spirit? You can wear a tracksuit or leggings any day of the year but on Christmas? That’s a crime.



♬ son original – user

Something sparkly but relaxed

Realistically wearing something tight and restrictive is not going to work if you plan on indulging in chocolate for breakfast and mulled wine before dinner is even served. If you’ve saved your full glam for New Year’s Eve but still put the effort in to wear something sparkly and festive that’s not a super tight dress, you’ve got the right idea. You can still be festive and comfortable you know.

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