How To Get A FREE Pair Of adidas Gazelle Or Spezials

Spezials are the shoe of the summer.

If you haven’t got a pair of addias Gazelles or Spezials where have you been? If you haven’t heard, Sambas are cancelled ever since Rishi Sunak was pictured wearing a pair.

We’re just joking, obviously if you’re a Samba lover you can continue to wear them even if they are slightly tainted. While Sambas had a big moment last year, there’s no denying that the cool shoe of the moment has shifted onto Gazelles and Spezials— especially because they come in loads of bright and exciting colours for summer.

Well, if you’ve been eyeing up a new pair or have a pair but are desperate for the other, you’re in luck as for a summer limited time only you could actually redeem a free pair.

Here’s what you need to know.

How can I get a free pair of Gazelles or Spezials?

Alright, this offer is super specific but if you’re an adidas fan and have already been drawn into buying a few pairs of trainers over the last year you might qualify.

If you’re an adiclub member, you’ll know that you collect members points every time you make a purchase. If you’ve been collecting points, it’s your lucky day as you could exchange your points for a free pair of shoes for a limited time only.

You’ll need 150,000 points to qualify which is a lot, but if you have them you’re in luck as you can make the swap for a brand new pair of shoes.

The offer is only available on the app, so you’ll need to download the adidas app to check out your balance if you’re a regular shopper and to access the deal if you do have enough points. This offer is only available until the 21st of April 2024, so be quick if you think you might have enough points.

If you don’t have enough points, don’t worry you can still treat yourself to a new pair of Gazelles or Spezials thanks to some of our fab student discounts below.

adidas Handball Spezial Trainers in Collegiate Navy Clear Sky Gum- Office, £84.99

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adidas Gazelle in Preloved Green- JD Sports, £85

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addias Spezial in Preloved Red/Cream White/Crystal White- Footasylum, £84.99

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