dressing gown curls blonde hair
dressing gown curls blonde hair

How To Do Heatless Dressing Gown Curls

Want curls without the heat? Try this dressing gown hair curls hack.

Sick of spending hours styling your hair for it to just go flat after an hour or feel dry and brittle from heat? Yeah, us too. But we might have found an answer to our problems…

Heatless dressing gown curls — go to sleep and wake up with gorgeous curls and waves without the hassle. 

Bouncy locks with minimal effort, no wonder the trend is all over TikTok. Luckily, dressing gown curls are super easy to achieve, you’ll be trying it in no time.

Caught your attention? Read on to find out just how easy dressing gown curls are.

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Dressing gown curls

So, what are dressing gown curls?

They’re exactly what they sound like — curling your hair with your dressing gown and zero heat. A dream. This creates effortless waves and curls that will have hairdressers green with envy.

Dressing gown curls can be done wet or dry. We just recommend spraying some leave-in conditioner if it’s dry to help it out a little. Overall, it’s a heatless style that won’t damage your hair and simply leaves it looking bouncy and full of volume. It’s especially great for those who like to sleep with their hair damp and want to wake up and go!

Dressing gown curls on TikTok

There are a ton of dressing gown curls on TikTok you can watch but they all replicate the same method. Here’s our favourite by @toni.florentina:

See how simple it is? Just grab the dressing gown tie/rope and twist/braid your hair around it (wet or dry). Then go to bed or do the house work for a few hours with your hair tied. Voila! You’ll have heatless dressing gown curls.

This is ideal for hair that doesn’t keep the curl or if your hair is already damaged from heat or colouring.

If you don’t have a dressing gown, many brands and shops sell a curling set like this one below, which works in a similar way.

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set — Look Fantastic, £15

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set - Sunset Tie Dye Look Fantastic - dressing gown curls

We love this heatless dressing gown curls kit because the satin keeps hair smooth and frizz-free while retaining moisture in the hair to give you soft, bouncy, tangle-free curls.

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How to do heatless dressing gown curls — step by step

Step 1 – prep

For optimal dressing gown curls that last longer, make sure to start on slightly damp hair (this helps to stay in place around the dressing gown tie). Spray in some leave-in conditioner at this stage too, if you want. This will help your hair be softer and less frizzy. Volumising mousse can be used at this stage, too.

Step 2 — parting

Split your hair wherever you normally part your hair. We recommend going for a middle part, especially if you wear a side part typically, as a middle part will give you more volume once the dressing gown curls are ready to be taken out and ruffled to your normal parting.

Split the hair into two sections down your parting and lay the dressing gown tie down across the top of your head. Clip into place.

Step 3 — do the twist

Take the first section of hair and twist it around your dressing gown belt, from top to bottom, and then secure, grabbing the next small section of hair each time you wrap it around the robe belt. Once done, secure, and repeat on the other side.

Step 4 — wait

Catch up on your beauty sleep, start a movie marathon, do the gardening — do whatever while waiting for the curls to form. If you want to speed up the process, use a hairdryer on a low or cool setting but for a truly heatless method, just get some shut eye and wake up with fab locks.

Step 5 — shake it out

In the morning, unravel your curls and shake them out! Lock in the curls with some hair oil and hair spray to make your curls look bouncy, shiny and keep them in place.

JVN cult beauty leave in conditioning mist dressing gown curls

If the curls are winding down a little, check out our recommended Dyson AirWrap alternatives and where to find them.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you make dressing gown curls stay?

Ways to make your dressing gown curls stay and last longer:

  • Twist the hair tighter around the belt/tie — this will make the curls tighter and take longer to drop
  • Spray a light misting of hairspray after taking it out from the belt/tie but before you brush/comb out the waves
  • Use a gel or holding product before twisting the hair into place

Do you do dressing gown curls on wet or dry hair?

You can start with dry hair or slightly damp hair to create dressing gown curls. Damp hair will typically help the curls last longer but if your hair is too wet, you may wake up with hair that’s still damp and not properly formed into curls.

Do dressing gown curls damage hair?

Dressing gown curls are one of the best, least-damaging ways to get luscious curly or wavy hair. However, like with most things, there’s always a chance you can cause some damage unintentionally.

You could damage your hair if you pull it too tight around the belt/tie. This can also be uncomfortable to sleep with. If your hair is too wet, the hair may break as it’s more fragile the wetter it is.

And that’s it! You’ll now have wonderful curls to wear all day long. Get student discounts on beauty products when you sign up to Student beans to save cash on creating flawless robe curls at home.