Here Are The 10 UK Unis With The Most Overcrowded Lectures

There’s nothing worse than arriving late and struggling to find a seat.

We’ve all been there. Late to a lecture and thinking you can quietly slip in only to realise the lecture hall is actually packed, all eyes are on you and the only seats left are in the middle of the row meaning you have to climb over at least ten people which is not subtle.

If you find your lecture halls or seminars are particularly crowded it can be a blessing and a curse. On the positive side you can probably get away with online shopping all lecture, but on the negative, you’ll rarely get one-on-one time with your lectures and might struggle to get a question in during your seminars.

The Times Higher Education has published its yearly World University Rankings and in that worked out the ratio of students to lecturers at universities across the UK.

So, if you struggle to find a seat in your lectures here are the top 10 UK unis with the most overcrowded lecture halls.

Top 10 UK unis with the most overcrowded lectures and seminars

10. University of Glasgow- 4 staff per 14 students

9. University of Leeds- 4 staff per 14 students

8. University of Warwick- 4 staff per 14 students

7. University College London- 3 staff per 11 students

6. University of Sheffield- 4 staff per 15 students

5. University of Birmingham- 2 staff per 15 students

4. University of York- 1 staff per 16 students

3. University of Southampton- 0 staff per 13 students

2. Durham University- 0 staff per 14 students

1. University of Nottingham- 0 staff per 16 students

This means if you go to Southampton, Durham or Nottingham on average you won’t be having seminars in small groups and may struggle to actually be able to ask your lecturers questions or be able to get help with your work.

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