Get Paid £7,000 To Give Up Your Phone For A Whole Month

Could you go an entire month without TikTok or Instagram?

Alright, we’re all guilty of spending WAY too much time on social media but seriously why does TikTok always push the most distracting content just as you sit down to start doing some uni work?

For some people, the idea of giving up your phone for the whole month seems impossible because not only is that no TikTok or Instagram it’s also no WhatsApp, FaceTime, YouTube in bed or online shopping straight from your phone. Let’s face it, if you grew up as an iPad baby giving up your phone for a month is probably no easy task.

But if you think you could face the challenge and you like to push yourself (and are motivated by some £££) you could undertake a digital detox for a month which could see you generously rewarded if you’re successful in the challenge.

Giving up your phone might be a huge challenge, but what broke student could turn down the chance to win some serious cash?

Could you give up your phone for an entire month?

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How can I get paid to give up my phone?

The Yoghurt company Siggi wants to encourage people to go on a digital detox and give up their smartphones to consume less screen time and get less distracted.

The idea behind the detox is simple, while many people choose to do Dry January and give up alcohol Siggi wants to challenge you to give up your phone and spend some more time in reality instead without the distractions of your phone.

All you have to do is give up your smartphone for a whole month and if you’re successful you’ll be paid £7,800 in return, which is a pretty good deal.

If you do get tempted to have a quick scroll through your phone, that won’t be possible as you’ll have to lock your phone up in a smartphone lockbox to prevent you from having a sneaky look during your detox, so don’t think you can cheat your way to the money.


Benefits 👇🏽 1️⃣ Enhanced Focus: Achieve laser-sharp concentration and skyrocket your productivity levels. 🎯💪 2️⃣ Improved Time Management: Reclaim wasted hours and make every moment count towards your goals. ⏰⚡️ 3️⃣ Increased Productivity: Experience a surge in efficiency and accomplish more in less time. 🚀📚 4️⃣ Better Mental Health: Reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm by detaching from constant digital distractions. 🌈💆‍♀️ 5️⃣ Enhanced Well-being: Rediscover the joy of real-life connections, hobbies, and self-care activities. 🌻💛 Break free from phone addiction. You don’t need it 24/7. #PhoneAddictionFreedom #ProductivityBoost #DigitalDetoxJourney #MentalWellness #UnplugandThrive

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However, you won’t be completely cut off from the world as you’ll be provided with a basic flip phone with a pre-paid SIM so you can still contact friends and family if you need to. You’ll also get a 3 month supply of Siggi yoghurts to keep you going during the difficult time.

If you have coursework deadlines coming up or you need to make some serious progress on your dissertation over the next few months, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to actually get some work done without the distraction of your phone.

You can apply right here and state why you think you need a digital detox and how it will impact you in a positive way.