Fyre Fest 2 Is Officially Happening — Here’s What You Need To Know

The infamous festival is coming back for round 2.

Who can forget the disaster of Fyre Fest, a celebrity-endorsed 2017 festival which set out to be the most extravagant and exclusive festival of all time? Well, we all know now that that didn’t exactly go to plan and instead, the whole event was unveiled as a huge scam.

What was Fyre Fest?

If you watched the iconic Netflix documentary in 2019 you would’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at just how awful Fyre Fest truly was. Celebs and influencers were expecting a weekend of VIP experiences, luxury accommodation and food to enjoy the festival and were met with a run-down camping site and pretty much nothing else. To make matters worse, Fyre Festival took place in the Bahamas on a private island leaving many attendees stranded after flights to and from the island were suspended from landing. Truly, it was a nightmare.

Celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber were paid to promote Fyre Fest and when the drama of the weekend unfolded, were quick to stay silent on the matter.

One of the main organisers of Fyre Fest, Billy McFarland was subject to multiple lawsuits and in 2018 got sentenced to 6 years in prison as a direct result of fraud charges surrounding Fyre Fest.

What do we know about Fyre Fest 2?

Despite the disaster of Fyre Fest, Billy McFarland recently took to Twitter to announce plans for a Fyre Fest 2. Having been out of prison for under a year after an early release, it seems he’s not defeated and is ready to have another go at launching the luxury festival.

After Tweeting that Fyre Fest 2 would be happening he encouraged users to reply why they should be invited and he’s already generated quite a buzz online.

Seeing as the creator is out of jail and has acknowledged where he may have gone wrong the first time, we have no doubt that he actually could be planning Fyre Fest 2 already.

Due to the huge controversy surrounding the festival, it remains unclear just how the creators plan to get people to give Fyre Fest a second chance. However, if they managed to actually pull off the luxury festival experience they’d originally advertised, who knows, maybe it might just be a success.

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