Festive Things To Do At Uni Before You Go Home For Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us and we’ve got all the fun things you can do with your friends to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Before everyone heads off home for Christmas there are a few weeks of term left for you to enjoy and now Black Friday is out of the way, the countdown to Christmas is officially on. This means Christmas music and jumpers are now encouraged and it’s socially acceptable to watch Christmas movies again.

However, if you’re struggling to find festive things to do while you’re at uni and you’re feeling a bit Grinchy we’ve got some ideas that will help you feel super festive while on a budget.

1. Have a flat Christmas dinner

Alright, this might be an ambitious one to start with if you’re not great at cooking, but even Pot Noodle sells a Christmas dinner edition now. If you don’t think you and your flatmates can come together and cook an edible roast without causing an accident you don’t have to go all out, you could simply each bring a board of festive snacks and treats or just opt for a few components of a roast instead.

If all is lost and you really can’t cook, head out to enjoy a roast dinner together at your local pub instead, they might even have a Christmas pub quiz on.

2. Decorate your flat

Just because you’re not going to spend Christmas Day in your flat it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate. From fairy lights to tinsel, there’s nothing that says flat bonding like putting up a few handmade decorations and singing a few Christmas songs while you do it. If you live in halls, there’s nothing like putting up a sign that people in the kitchen opposite can read for a bit of hall spirit.

3. Visit your local Christmas market

Your city or town is sure to have something Christmassy on, so if you and your flatmates want a night off from going out why not head out and see what’s on offer? You probably will end up having a few drinks and deciding it’s a good idea to try out one of the rides but that’s all part of the fun.

4. Have a Christmas movie night at home

If you actually do want a night off from drinking and just want to stay cosy at home nothing beats a takeaway and some classic Christmas movies. Whether you prefer Love Actually or The Holiday round up your friends for some back-to-back Christmas movies while wearing your best Christmas jumper and enjoying some tasty snacks.

5. Do some Christmas karaoke

It’s not Christmas until someone does their best Mariah impression. The big day is nearly upon us, so it’s time to turn off the regular pre-drinks playlist and belt out the best Christmas bangers instead.


10/10 would recommend karaoke steaming at Christmas #karaoke #christmas @George @Lisa Baggs @Danny Bayley

♬ original sound – Joseppi Baggzelini

6. Do Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun way to exchange gifts with your flat without having to break the bank. If you need some help finding Secret Santa presents don’t forget to check out all of the student discounts we have at Student Beans to help you find affordable gifts for even the fussiest of recipients.

Don’t forget to check out the best places to get a big discount to help you with your gift buying this Christmas.