7 Best Upcycled Clothing Brands In The UK 2022

These upcycled brands are fantastic for your eco-conscious fashion journey.

Upcycled fashion is nothing new. But the hype is ever-increasing which we loved to see.

Despite there still being a stigma attached to it, pre-loved and upcycled clothing is a concept that huge fashion houses and brands have recognised as a huge opportunity to get closer to their customers. We have our increasing awareness of environmental issues to thank, and our generation for being more eco-conscious than ever before.

So where can you shop upcycled clothing? It’s far more accessible and you can probably find an upcycled line in most high street stores these days. However, we’ve handpicked some of the best sites and brands to find beautifully upcycled clothing.

But first, let’s dive into what upcycled clothing is and why it’s increased in popularity.

What is upcycled clothing?

Upcycled clothing involves taking old clothes (or deadstock fabric) and repairing them or transforming them into new products.

For example, a shirt could be cut to be a cropped-fit or have its seams torn off and sewn into a small tote bag instead.

Another term for upcycled clothing is repurposed clothing, recycled clothing, upcycled garments. They’re popular terms used in the world of fashion and it’s worth searching for all of those to bring up different brands while you google.

Why is upcycled fashion popular now?

People are becoming far more eco-conscious than they used to be. In fact, people go as far as to upcycle their own clothes to prolong them or make them into something new.

This is because people are understanding the devastating and unsustainable effects of the fast-fashion industry. Too much waste, poor labour, and working conditions are just some reasons people are switching to upcycled fashion. Including large brands and famous designers.

Upcycled fashion has a uniqueness to it which people value too. You know your’e going to get a one-off piece of clothing that no one else has. And who wouldn’t want that?

Upcycled clothing fashion brands

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is a leading vintage retailer in the UK and Sweden. They actively promote shopping sustainability and their pieces are a hit in the sustainable fashion community. Their specialty-trained ‘treasure hunters’ scale mountains of discarded clothes for pieces that align with the latest trends too. This is great if you still want to rock a trend you like without the cost to the planet.

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Urban Outfitters

While Urban Outfitters is a fast-fashion company, they have a pre-loved and upcycled fashion department to ‘give back’. Known as their vintage department, they go back to the roots with how they started UO in the first place and hunt down the best vintage pieces.

They have a Remade From Vintage line which involves things like jeans cut into shorts, patches added to jackets and so on. But they also have Made From Remnants, a line where they use remnant materials and craft pieces from deadstock fabric.

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Wolf & Badger

While they’re not a brand, Wolf & Badger are a marketplace to shop independent designers who create one-offs and upcycled pieces. THey’re a fantastic place to start as it’s a platform specifically designed for this niche. You can find brands that aren’t on the high street, as well as up-and-coming designers too.

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Etsy is another marketplace for indie designers and makers. It’s an incredibly popular platform and an upcycler’s paradise. You can find almost anything on Etsy, from upcycled clothing to reworked furniture. You’re bound to find something unique if you shop upcycled fashion on Etsy!

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ROOP is a Manchester-based brand and is super unique. Using only deadstock fabric, they create “Furoshiki bags†with a scrunchie-like islhoutte. It makes for a super cute day or night look and they come in a ton of colours.

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FanFare describes itself a circular clothing brand and aims to change the way people consume clothing. They recognise the fast-fashion issue and aim to lead the upcycling movement through contemporary designs, vintage, and giving existing garments a new lease of life.

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If you’ve been after ethical beach, swim and yoga clothing for a while then look no further. RubyMoon provides this and more by using upcycled fabrics in their clothing lines. They design their clothes with slow fashion principles in mind and a “more with less” approach.

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What upcycled brands do you love? Feel free to share them with us on social!