5 Tech Products To Finally Buy For Your Student House Now It’s Black Friday

Upgrade your student home with these Black Friday discounts.

We’ve all been there when you know you really need something for your house but you just don’t want to be the one to buy it. Well, Black Friday is a great time to buy essential tech products for your student home that will not only make your life 10x easier but you won’t have to break the bank either.

If your house could do with some serious upgrades, here are the things you really need to help you live your best life in your student house.

1. An air fryer

Yep, you need one. Believe the hype on this one, an air fryer will make your life so much easier. If you hate cooking or just don’t have the time, you’ll be able to cook, fry and roast quickly and effortlessly. It’s great for cooking a tasty snack after a night out or making dinner if you hate cooking. The Tower T17201 air fryer is just £36.99 on Amazon this Black Friday, so now’s your chance to snag one for your house.

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2. Amazon Echo Dot

Upgrade your pre drinks with a decent speaker so you can really enjoy your favourite songs before you head out. Plus, having an Alexa device means you have a personal assistant with you to make your life easier too, from finding out the weather, setting alarms and effortlessly changing the song or volume. If you don’t have a good speaker yet, Black Friday is your chance to get the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation for just £21.99- reduced by 65%!

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3. Ring doorbell

Student houses are known for being a bit dodgy, so if you want peace of mind a Ring doorbell is a good way to help you stay safe and ensure the best security. Another bonus is that if you can’t go a day without doing an online order, you’ll be able to check if your parcels have arrived safely and communicate with the delivery driver when you’re at lectures or on campus, so there will be no excuse if Evri claims they tried to deliver your parcel when they didn’t! The Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2 is just £49.99 this Black Friday which is half price, so get it while you can.

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4. Cordless vacuum cleaner

If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, now’s the time to buy one. A vacuum cleaner is something that no one really wants to spend money on, but you will definitely need one and with great Black Friday deals on Amazon, there’s no reason not to get one. A cordless one will make things much easier and you can get the Akitas V8 Cordless Vacuum for £69.99 this Black Friday, to help you keep your student house nice and tidy.

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5. Electric heater

UK winters are tough, especially if you’re arguing with your flatmates about when you should turn the heating on. If you want to avoid an extortionate energy bill but hate feeling cold it’s time to get an electric heater for your room (and you don’t have to share it with your flatmates). Mini heaters are fairly energy-efficient to run and can heat up a room pretty quickly, so it’s well worth investing in one instead of trying to struggle through the cold this winter. You can get a small but powerful electric heater for £29.98 from Amazon this Black Friday so take the plunge and make sure you’re staying warm in your room this winter.

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