5 items You Should Never Start A Serious Study Session Without
5 items You Should Never Start A Serious Study Session Without

5 Items You Should Never Start A Serious Study Session Without

Everything you need for a successful study session.

It can be hard to motivate yourself to study. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting in the right head space and other times it’s finding the right time to study to eliminate distraction.

The key to studying is having the right setup and being in the right environment. You might love your friends and enjoy late-night library trips together, but chances are they’re probably a really big distraction.

With a bit of peace and quiet, surrounded by all the right kit, you’re sure to actually get everything on your to-do list done. So, with that in mind here are the five things you should never start a serious study session without.

1. A powerful laptop

Lenovo laptops

Let’s face it, a good laptop is the key to actually getting work done. As a student you’ll want a laptop that can actually run when you need it to, have long battery life as well as a range of cool features to boost and improve your productivity to help you get your work done. Lenovo has a wide range of affordable laptops for students including 2-in-1 IdeaPad and ThinkPad laptops that can be used in multiple different ways or the Yoga range which can easily switch into a tablet. Plus, when you buy an eligible laptop from the Lenovo education store you’ll get a free activity every month for a whole year, including bowling, kayaking, tennis, virtual escape rooms and much more!

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2. A comfortable chair

Yaheetech Adjustable Office Chair- Amazon, £59.99

If you’re studying at home for long periods of time, your posture can seriously suffer. While it’s fine to sit on your bed, sofa, or IKEA chair for short periods of time, it’s not a good idea to sit there for long study sessions. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but you could find yourself with back aches and long-term posture issues. Trust us, investing in an ergonomic desk chair is something you’ll only thank yourself for.

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3. A good pair of headphones

bose headphones
Bose QuietComfort®️ 45 Headphones- Bose, £319.95

Some people like to listen to study playlists to help them focus, while others just need to block out the outside world. If you’re trying to study at home or late at night you might have noisy housemates or loud neighbours who love to pre-drink early and want everyone to hear their music. If you find you can’t concentrate due to a noisy environment or you need to listen to a study playlist or white noise to help you focus, you’ll want some good quality noise-cancelling headphones. The Bose QuietComfort®️ 45 headphones are perfect for this, with world-class noise cancelling and up to 45 hours of battery life!

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4. A toolkit for understanding

Regardless of your degree field, it’s useful to stay on top of current affairs. A digital subscription to The Economist will bring you all the latest news straight to your inbox so you can keep up with what’s happening worldwide and have a credible source to cite in your work. 

You’ll get access to digital newsletters, audio and podcasts, The Economist app and website plus live digital events with subject-matter specialists. So whether you’re covering a modern-day topic or need to go back and research international developments, you’ll be able to study smarter and faster.

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5. A sturdy water bottle

Original Water bottle- Chilly’s, from £15

Keeping hydrated is the key to staying focused. If you’re studying in the library or a public place they’ll have water fountains and will probably sell drinks too but you can save some cash by having your refillable bottle to help keep you hydrated all day long. While coffee and energy drinks can help to give you a caffeine boost if you’re extra sleepy, you’re definitely better off sipping on your water throughout the study session, to help you feel fresh and on your a-game all day.

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So, hopefully, this has given you some inspo on how to elevate your study setup to have a successful study session! Don’t forget to check out our guide to the best revision techniques. And our wide range of discounts at Student Beans to help you save on your study essentials.

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Lenovo and The Economist.